WE NEED MORE MONEY! (Letter sent to Mexico re: JW Broadcasting of May 2015).

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  • PuffyEyes

    First time poster. In my cong (Northern part of Europe) we will also be watching this on the service meeting on the week of sept 21. I have not heard a letter read to the cong about it, but I try to miss the midweek meetings as much as I can. As much as I don't wanna go that day, I think maybe I will, just to have a look at the faces of the others.

    My guess is they want to make sure everybody gets this real "important" message, including the ones that are not regular watchers of tv.jw.org

  • joe134cd
    It's interesting this letter. When you consider that Mexico has one of the highest concentrations of JWs in the world and the poverty that exists there, it must certainly be a heavy financial burden. I wonder if it was Mexico that was most apathetic to respond to the giving of valuable things. Honestly if this organisation is still going in another 20 years time, or at least going in the same form as I know it today I will be very surprised.
  • ToesUp

    Maybe if the GB is tight on money they could sell off some of their expensive jewelry. We both have jobs and don't have expensive jewelry like this. It also looks as if the GB is eating well. Things that make ya go Hmmm.

    When we went through a tough financial time, we were told to trust in Jehovah. Maybe they don't trust Jehovah as much as they should.

    Doc (love you Doc) always says the best revenge is living a happy and successful life. I wanna add to that the best revenge is NOT DONATING!

  • EndofMysteries
    They condemn all followers to lives of poverty by discouraging and practically forbidding higher education, so now their followers can barely if at all make their bills, they should have thought of that before assuring their followers would not have any money to give.
  • joe134cd

    Endofmysteries= Yes I couldn't agree more. I just find it puzzling how an organization is now wanting the very things from their members that they are discouraging. I look at the Mormon religion which has encouraged higher education and trying to make a good life in the here and now and I guess they are reaping the rewards.

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