WE NEED MORE MONEY! (Letter sent to Mexico re: JW Broadcasting of May 2015).

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  • Gayle


    need to get pictures, photos or prints of WT headquarters like: paradisiac pictures for their leadership now;

    alongside the reality typical living areas of mexico culture ways of living.

    Hopefully, the visual contrast will shake a few.

    The WT will burn out their followers more quickly. These countries are already eking out, they have no reserve nor anyway to dig out of poverty. For the WT to take their "two coins" is truly robbing them.

  • JW_Rogue
    Yeah, I find it strange that they would single out Mexico that could really backfire on them. In fact I found disgusting that the first JW Broadcast that many saw in their own language was a money grab. I can imagine a Brother in a poor country just scraping by all excited for the first broadcast in his language and then Lett comes on with his "we're not like the other churches who ask for money. However..."
  • OneEyedJoe
    Yeah, that's why they are asking for "valubaubles"...just in case someone has a few pieces of old family heirlooms sittting around that they aren't gonna need in paradise.

    While I'm sure that they'll take anything you'll give 'em that has any value, I suspect that the main reason for the use of that phrase is so they can claim that they're not asking for money but reinforcing the need to honor Jehovah and that some can only do this with their time (a "valuable thing" to be sure). I.e. they're pressuring for money but they do it in a way that anyone that feels uncomfortable about it will have a way to rationalize it.


    So they are reminding people to donate money? I thought they would never petition men for support??



    : to ask (a person, group, or organization) for something in a formal way

    Full Definition

    pe·ti·tionedpe·ti·tion·ing \-ˈti-sh(ə-)niŋ\
    transitive verb
    :to make a request to :solicit
    intransitive verb
    :to make a request; especially :to make a formal written request
    pe·ti·tion·er \-sh(ə-)nər\ noun


    1. The organization petitioned the government to investigate the issue.
    2. All people had the right to petition the king for help.
    3. She petitioned to join their club.
    4. Synonyms


  • Oubliette
    Anyone else get the feeling that the Org/GB has lost the plot - totally?

    Yeah, a few years ago.

  • avaddohn94

    Well, the following three examples of "Kingdom Halls" built in poor suburbs of Mexico City clearly show that they actually know where they can "petition" with few people actually complaining.

    It's a sad story but, Sir82's example of little "Rosalita" not having supper (vs. Sofia not having an ice-cream) in order to "put Kingdom interests first", is a cruel and harsh reality that many friends in poor countries are actually going through without even noticing!

    Makes me wanna puke!




  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad
    The WTBTS is a working whore with a great deal of overhead and debt which explains her need for money...even from the poor and poverty stricken rank and file! This bitch has no shame!
  • Autumnation4414

    "The WTBTS is a working whore"


  • ToesUp
    Watchtower...ALL take and NO give! Even from the poor! Yes...they are shameless.
  • Half banana
    Half banana
    Yes, she was sleeping with the high and mighty UN but busted for hypocrisy so now she does tricks in the gutter with the poor...

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