WE NEED MORE MONEY! (Letter sent to Mexico re: JW Broadcasting of May 2015).

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  • Mary J Blige
    Mary J Blige

    I ponder two things:

    1. Were the Mexican brothers a large proportion of those who responded to the last request for funds?

    2. Is a one off branch letter intended to discredit 'apostate lies' if it backfires?

  • berrygerry

    To cut the long story short, they used the following image to accompany an "experience" of an anonymous kid whose savings into a piggy bank were sent "in support of the worldwide work".

    From one pig to another (well actually, to 7 others).

    (BTW, if pork was so unclean, shouldn't Dubs choose a clean animal as their pork-bank?)

  • Lieu

    Well the GB should forget begging Mexico & Central America. The people there are poor; third world poor. They are dealing with murderous gangs and cartels. Don't ask the people there to give up being able to buy some beans & feed their families for your f'ng NYC kept man greed!

    Who the hell begs dirt poor people for money?

    Que puta madre pendejos!! Why doesn't NY give THEM some money?

  • campaign of hate
    campaign of hate

    Begging poor people for money???

    Nice move WTS.

    You seriously couldn't make this shit up.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Doesn't the WTBTS know that trying to get money out of the Mexican brothers and sisters is like trying to get blood out of a turnip.....sorry meant to say tortilla!

  • WTWizard

    They don't deserve any. What they are really trying to do is deprive people of having any wealth--it is blatantly obvious that the washtowel doesn't need it. Rather, they need souls. And keeping people destitute assures them an easier time to enslave someone. Would it be easier to enslave someone that is destitute and miserable, or someone that has plenty of wealth and reasonable assurance that it will hold its value?

    And notice the degree of austerity they want people to endure. Children are not allowed to go on vacation except to washtowel headquarters, play or sleep at boasting sessions (perhaps beyond their bedtime on school nights), or even have an ice cream cone. This austerity makes the soul easier to damn, so joke-hova has an easier time consuming it for itself. They also disallow just about everything fun--birthdays, holidays, and even class trips that "might take away from field circus" or "provide bad associations".

  • StarTrekAngel

    Everyone has something, poor or not. Wether is time, access to others, access to land or political influence at any level (high or low). In order of importance, they need people first, lots of people. Having a handful of rich individuals is good, but they also need to diversify. They don't care how many people they have to squeeze. Wether you get a dollar from a rich guy or a poor guy, it still a dollar. The video is already made, so if you get a dollar every time you play it again, why not?

    Having lived most of my life in South America (can not disclose country at this time) and having the chance to visit fairly often, I can tell you that the insecurity is reaching levels comparable to those in Mexico. Consider this in contrast with the fact that Mexico borders the US and such border is one of the hottest when it comes to illegal activities. People are getting desperate and have lost most faith in their governments. The only hope left at the end of their list is spirituality. Hoping that a superhero would come to their rescue.

    In addition to that, the more socialist governments in South America are more than ever recurring to tactics not seen since the years of the dictators (Pinochet, etc). People are getting scared into submission by the media and convicted felons are being taken in buses to presidential speeches to show mass support in the media. They are creating a plethora of social programs to buy support. This goes beyond giving foods stamps. People are getting free directv service with paid subscriptions to sport channels. Free TVs, free computers, etc. Somewhere in there, a church is bound to benefit from this perks, especially when you couple this with a need for hope in a better future.

    I also have plenty of friends and family in Mexico. I am not as acquainted on the political situation there as I am with the situation in SA but being in the border, we do get all the news. I know similar social programs are available but what I really wonder about Mexico is this. How soon before the org begins to be so noticeable that the gangs begin demanding protection money from the K halls? They are already doing it with businesses and business owners are fleeing to the US. In the RGV we already have plenty of restaurants that were staples from "across the bridge" but became out of reach for the US residents once the violence settled in.

  • Gayle


    Mexico has approximately 59.2 million Internet users representing 49.2% of the population[2] and is currently experiencing a huge surge in demand for broadband Internet services. Mexico is the country with the most Internet users among Spanish speaking counties in the western hemisphere,

    How many 'Spanish' exJW sites are there? Hopefully, for those without Internet, their "word of mouth" is strong and active.

  • NotBlind
    And now that the value of the Mexican peso has dropped against the US dollar by almost 20% in recent months, the 'friends' need to be reminded to increase their donations proportionally, so their contributions can buy just as many athletic facilities, Warwick swimming pools, Rolexes, and Gold Apple Watches as before!
  • avaddohn94

    In reply to Gayle:

    In Spanish we have a similar forum at extj.com.

    As for other sites, many of us have created blogs (which as you know, are not to be relied according to the Study Edition of October 15, 2015) in order to, little by little, spread the word.

    Now, although still a developing country, Mexico appears as the 11th place on the list of countries by GDP considering the purchasing power parity (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_GDP_(PPP)) and as we know, the Watchtower always "looks before it leaps" (in Spanish we would say "no da un paso sin huarache" or "does not take a step without its sandals on") so...


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