My parents sent the elders after me

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    never a jw
    Welcome Finallyme. Always glad to know that another one sees the light.
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    I'm sure your parents love you, they just love their idol more. That's why the elders want to know what your views on the GB are. All JW's worship the GB members as God, their final authority. However, JW's are also trained to say that the bible is their final authority. I have used this crack in their armor to get them to think.

    You could do your family and friends a great service by asking them a simple bible question:

    I have told my family something like this:

    If you can show me one scripture that shows how I can get my sins forgiven while outside of the New Covenant, I'd be happy to return back to the Kingdom Hall.

    Of course, no scriptures exist to show this. But, they honestly feel that they have all the answers to any possible religious question ever. If you can demonstrate their basic inadequacy in something a simple as forgiveness, not only will they leave you alone, they may actually do some research themselves.

    Basically, just position yourself as a student and ask to be educated.

    They will be quite surprised to find that they cannot find scriptural support for salvation without personally being a member of the blood covenant.

    Here's a related recent thread.

    Here's a talk I gave on how to talk to JW's with a demonstration at the end.

    Hope this helps.

    Praying for you.

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    Perry - "...they just love their idol more."

    You'd know.

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