Guardian of Doctrine Admits 'Doesn't Really Matter If Jehovah is Accurate' say it how you want...

by LostGeneration 21 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • FayeDunaway

    Lol COH, I really wonder what exactly would happen!

    They would freak out, for sure...because it's loyalty to the org they really care about, and the org's name starts with 'Jehovah'!

    Wouldn't want to be a rebel now, would you? No, the real rebel was Russell, scorning the religious establishment. Luther was a rebel too, starting a Chrisitianity that wasn't part of the Catholic Church. And way before him, was the rebel Jesus, who heartily disagreed with the religious leaders of his time.

    But rebels at the Kingdom Hall, not allowed. They might stop talking to you if you said Yahweh.

  • rebel8


    Good one! That is going right in here.

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