Guardian of Doctrine Admits 'Doesn't Really Matter If Jehovah is Accurate' say it how you want...

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  • LostGeneration

    Tough to watch this whole video, the way he talks gets pretty annoying, especially after the RC hearings:

    Go to around 8:20 where he gets into the pronunciation of Jehovah. Admits that accuracy doesn't really matter, what matters is what is popular, well known or well established. (Just don't try doing that when you want to grow a beard, celebrate your birthday, or any other well known thing the bible doesn't say anything about)

    Another funny point is at 10:15 where he explains the name Jehovah has a "looooooong history" you know, all the way back to about 1530.

    So I will stick to my favorite pronunciation since G-Jack has approved: Jehobo

  • FayeDunaway
    Since WHEN in the jehovahs witness religion, has what is popular, well known and established mattered? Haven't they always considered themselves religious renegades and rebels, striving for self proclaimed utmost accuracy and truth amidst all sorts of persecution and even death?? Hypocrites.
  • millie210

    Thanks for giving those times so I didnt have to sit though the whole thing...

    he looks SO goofy...he has a naturally smirky way that his features land when he tries to look animated.

    Unfortunate when you consider he is one of the "better" GB members for them to parade out for public consumption.

  • OneEyedJoe
    Since WHEN in the jehovahs witness religion, has what is popular, well known and established mattered?

    It matters exactly when it's convenient for it to matter. Just like the bible.

  • Heaven

    So I will stick to my favorite pronunciation since G-Jack has approved: Jehobo

    Rebel8's 'Jehoopla' always makes me snicker.

    Jehoover and Jehovahahaha I like as well. ;0)


    I like Jeehoober, Jeehoobidoob, Jeehobo ( cause he's broke ) and Jeehooplah. I also like Sky-maniac.



    So if it doesn't really matter how you refer to your creator, how can the WTBTS claim that knowing God's name is proof of Da Troof??? Are they going to stop saying that? Are they going to admit that nobody knows God's name?


  • steve2

    As a kid, I believed that the mere utterance of the name "Jehovah" would literally scare off the demons. I remember reading in the Awake! from the ealy 1960s that a sister was about to be attacked by thugs. She called out loud Jehovah's name and the thugs fled. Such power and protection.

    I subsequently read in the organization's literature a brief but unsatisfactory acknowledgement that " Yahweh" - as used in the Jerusalem Bible - was likely a more accurate rendering of the Hebrew tetragrammaton (I.e., Divine name). This flimsy admission both disturbed me and left me feeling a bit hollow. How come we didn't accept new light and use Yahweh? Why did we stick with the Englidh corruption of the tetragrammaton? Weren't we different from the churches of Christenfom who blindly followed false traditions? And why had "Jehovah" seemed such an awesomely powerful name to me when I was younger?

    Unwitting logical brain activity was causing my childish religious beliefs to evaporate.

  • OverlappingGeneralizations

    I always wondered that too. When they admit that Yahweh is more correct, we should be Yahweh's Witnesses.

    I know I get annoyed when I go to one of those trendy gift shops and see one of those mugs that has names on it and how they are pronounced in other countries. My name is Bill goddamnit, I don't care how you say it in Portugal or Afghanistan, you say "Bill" or you don't talk to me.

    If Yahweh is correct, we better use it. I hate to hear god say goddamnit.

  • Vidiot

    I rarely used "Jehovah", "Yahweh", or anything other than "God" even back when I was still a dutiful believer.

    To me, it just felt wrong to address Him in such a personal manner all the time...

    ...after all, if you met the Queen, you wouldn't address her as "Victoria", would you? And I sure didn't call my Dad by his personal name.

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