BBC interview about 1975 - never heard this before..

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  • LisaRose

    I was around then. I didn't know anyone who didn't think the end would come in 1975 or shortly thereafter. In hindsight, I can see how the publications were very careful in what they said, they knew not to make very specific statements that could later be used to prove they had been wrong, but they very obviously wanted people to believe Armageddon was imminent. At the local level, they were more direct in what was said from the platform and there were enough indirect references in various publications that left no doubt they expected the end in 1975 or very shortly thereafter.

    This is organization that is all about control, a strict hirarchy that believes they represent God, nothing is said that they don't want said. They had to have been aware of what everyone believed, so you have to wonder, if they actually didn't think armageddon was going to happen in 1975, why didn't they correct the record?

  • SecretSlaveClass
    I wonder if there are any old letters to congregation BOE's still around, directing them on how to conduct talks for the preparation of 1975's coming events? That would be a nice way to link what was actually taught in the KHs to the GB's directives.
  • Half banana
    Half banana
    Phil Reece had seemed to me to be a reasonable human being (I was young when I met him) but listening to his paranoid drivel just now indicates he was just a Watchtower zombie. Interesting though, was that not many years after the interview he was dismissed from the London Bethel for alcohol dependency. Perhaps he knew it was all baloney and sought a refuge in drink.
  • ToesUp
    ToesUp's NOT lying it's "theocratic warfare." lol
  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    Defender of truth,

    Thanks for posting those audio recordings - I managed to (just) keep my breakfast down while listening through these!

    With regard to 1975, the WTS did indeed prove itself to be crafty. While they may not have outright in so many words stated that the end was going to happen in 1975, the thought was cleverly left hanging there that it would:

    - for example, notice the way in which SinNutCase goes on to emphasise the blood and guts bit (i.e. Armageddon), immediately after he states that it may "possibly" happen in 1975. He manages to do this in such a way as to hardly even appear to draw breath in between statements.

    From that, and numerous other similar statements, it is obvious that the Watchtower wanted its readers to conclude that the end was going to happen in that year. (Bearing in mind that effective propaganda depends not just on what is actually said, but also on what is emphasised).

    Even the WTS, in their 1992 Kingdom Proclaimers book, admitted that, to quote, "More was said than was wise" about 1975 (when referring to themselves, let it be noted!). Of course, by that time, the damage had long been done.

    It is hard to disagree with one of the feedback comments on Franz's speech, where he is described as a "whiney voiced little dweeb". I do believe that that commentator was almost actually praising old Crazy Fred!


  • baldeagle

    Defender of truth,

    Thank you for posting these audio recordings. This religion is so reprehensible for their misleading remarks and

    building up false hopes for many families.

  • Stumpy

    Thank you DoT. I hadn't heard that interview either.

    For any lurkers that have any doubts whether the 1975 fiasco was real or not, below are scans of every single mention of 1975 in the WT publications. See for yourself...

    1975 Part A:!GhBxVIyQ!nljtQgaF7luzwVRXG8uKpTamR7x5AzTJj8zGz-rsED8

    1975 Part B:!f5hikK6b!e1txHw19qzkc6leEP9LnEKL3KuTgvR8OXl6Ieg99bX4

  • EdenOne
  • Zoos
    Marked too!
  • rebel8
    My jw parent got baptized in 1974 and told me (a young child) if I went to the hall with her I would be in paradise with a pet lion in Autumn 1975, so I wouldn't miss out on Christmas at all, because Christmas wouldn't exist.

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