Introducing Myself

by Peony 59 Replies latest jw experiences

  • jookbeard
    welcome, wonderful story, hope you add some more to it soon, and nice to see another Brit, I'm from London.
  • SecretSlaveClass


    Your story made me grin and want to clap as I always do when I read about those who set themselves free. I must commend your husband for his courage and loyalty choosing you above the Org, as is what you would expect from anyone claiming to love you. This should be great encouragement for those still trapped by that cruel cult. Welcome to the forum and the rest of your real life!

  • Half banana
    Half banana
    Hi Peony, welcome here and welcome to the real world! Along with others; it's so good you escaped with hubby. Greetings to him too. Actually I live just outside Oxford as well... (a beautiful city and a lovely part of the country!).
  • brandnew

    Welcome, and as i was told many times after waking up......

    "SEIZE THE DAY"........have fun☺

  • Phizzy

    Welcome Peony !

    May the rest of your life, and your husband's, be filled with happiness and joy !

    It occurs to me that the reply your husband got about the Abuse case may be useful, does he still have a copy ?

  • Peony

    Ooh Half Banana, I wonder if we know each other!!!

    I had ME (like so many) it basically started as soon as my youngest went to school. I had stopped pioneering as soon as I was pregnant with my first child and of course being a good 'witness' girl enrolled as soon as my days were free again, only managed 3 months then entered my 6 years of hell with ME! I got myself better by doing a course similar to cognitive behavioural therapy (I was frowned on for doing it though - no surprise there)! I also had depression for 15 years. 3 months after leaving JWs I was off all antidepressants and even with all the fallout for the last two and a half years have never needed to go back on them. If that doesn't tell me how toxic that religion is nothing will!

  • Peony
    I'll ask Phizzy but I'm pretty sure not, we had a bit of a bonfire!!! I don't even own a bible anymore!
  • Heaven

    Welcome Peony! I do like your user name. I am very glad you were able to break free and no longer need depression medication. Amazing isn't it how miserable 'the happiest people on Earth' can become.

    I wondered why my Mom was so unhappy if 'having hope in Jehovah' was supposed to be so wonderful. Guess it isn't.

  • done4good

    Welcome, Peony. Great story!


  • EdenOne

    Welcome, Peony! Great to hear about your experience, and it's great that both you and your husband left it together. We'd like to have your husband on board here as well!


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