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  • Peony

    Hello All

    I've finally got round to joining the site (after over 2 years lurking!

    I was born into JWs, pioneered for 10 years (met my husband at pioneer school). Had health issues that saw me catapulted away from 'the centre of the cong' and Wow what a different place that was! I had spent my life not feeling good enough (even as a regular pioneer - not enough studies/not out Sat And Sun etc) and now I was being told I wasn't good enough - need to be at every meeting/ministry/talks - you know the endless list! I was having panic attacks on the way to the Kingdom Hall, it was a miracle if I could get there! My husband had become an elder and they were giving him a hard time about me, which made him feel that he was letting me down and not looking after me properly. We were both miserable! There is a lot more to the story but the upshot is my husband resigned as an elder, we both stopped going to meetings. Over 2 years later we received a text from the elders to say they believed we were celebrating Christmas ( I think the lights on the outside of my house gave it away)!!! CO got involved and said the elders should leave us alone as we had been out for over 2 years. We knew they would never leave us alone though (and a million other reasons) so we disassociated ourselves. This site helped me through the darkest days so thank you for all your posts, I realised I was not alone in my thoughts. It's been 6 months now and (apart from loss of everyone virtually) it is the best thing we have ever done. I never knew what a wonderful place this world is, we are happy and have no health issues anymore.

  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2

    Welcome to the ste and thanks for sharing that story. I am glad to hear you guys are doing wel, and not looking back. So many unique stories and circumstances here....but the constant is the fact that nobody can leave with dignity. they try to rob you of it at every corner.

    Good for you guys for doing what you needed to mentally and emotionally.

    May I ask what it was that woke your elder husband up?

    I'm always curious about how the light goes on for people.

  • truthseekeriam

    So happy for you and your husband!!

    Welcome to the forum and to your new normal. Thank you for sharing your story.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    Welcome Peony. I can empathize with you on those panic attacks; I used to have them out in field service. Stopping field service literally felt like having a heavy weight taken off my chest. Take care of your health, it's worth more than all those phony former friends are.

  • Peony
    A few things happened that made my husband leave. When he became an elder he was shocked at the way some in the body would talk about the R&F, the PO even called one of the brothers 'a waste of space' he found it very upsetting and of course couldn't talk to me about it. His best friend died (refused blood). And then he was involved in an abuse case, the elders recommended that the victim not go to the police (it was an historic case) my husband wrote to the society as he felt the person should not be discouraged from contacting the police. The society replied saying it was a decision for the local body to make!!!! They totally washed their hands of it. To the press they say one thing and then do another, very dishonest!
  • Peony
    Haha, I should have said COBE not PO, showing my age!!
  • freemindfade
    Welcome. Thank you for sharing. FMF at your service.
  • gone for good
    gone for good

    Hello Peony -

    and welcome to you both!

    Just put your feet up and relax - you're about to make some fine new friends while you sip your tea!

  • Funchback
  • Finkelstein

    Welcome to the forum Peony and welcome to the rest of your life.

    Escaping the entrapping oppression of the Watchtower Publishing house is good for individuals as

    well for all humanity.

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