Introducing Myself

by Peony 59 Replies latest jw experiences

  • goingthruthemotions
    YAY....I wish my brain dead wife would wake up.
  • quincemyles
    Welcome to Freedom Peony !
  • InquiryMan

    Welcome... And I guess you’re right that they would not have left you alone.

    «There is a lot more to the story but the upshot is my husband resigned as an elder, we both stopped going to meetings. Over 2 years later we received a text from the elders to say they believed we were celebrating Christmas ( I think the lights on the outside of my house gave it away)!!! CO got involved and said the elders should leave us alone as we had been out for over 2 years. We knew they would never leave us alone though (and a million other reasons) so we disassociated ourselves.»

    Fours years after we stopped going to meetings and I resigning as an elder, my ex-wife got a visit from two elders stating they had got reports that she was celebrating christmas (lights in the window). So we wrote a letter and DA the day after...

  • freddo

    Hello Peony, welcome.

    Do you mind me asking where you are from? Sounds like you're a non-US English writer like me.


    Peony - Welcome !

  • Peony

    Thank you all for the lovely welcomes. It's so lovely to be alongside loving/non judgemental people (haven't been used to that)!

    A bit more about myself I'm 47 and live just outside Oxford UK. I love that I can write that as I'm DA'd and there is nothing more they can do to me! All of my JW family and friends are very loyal to Borg so there is no contact, for the couple of years before we DA'd it was difficult, family were all ok with us but their sneaky little 'trying to make us see how great the Borg is, we're having soooo much fun, look at this interesting article' thing was really getting to us. Last time I saw my FIL I told him that there was no point trying to show me articles because they are biased and he has only one point of reference to go to (wbts) whereas I have a broader picture so am able to make better judgements. So I think things may have come to a head anyway ( and if you knew me you would know how huge that was for me, I hate confrontation). JW posts on FB as well, arghh!

  • doofdaddy

    You write well and certainly brought back memories for me.

    It's a sad little world the jws inhabit and I felt truly "born again" when I finally left it's orbit.

  • Driving Force
    Driving Force
    Welcome Peony, nice to read your experience. I am pleased that you and your husband stick together and that you have left the borg together.
  • chicken little
    chicken little

    Welcome Peony...lovely name.

    I stopped eight years ago, literally could not make my legs move to get out of the car in the carpark at the kingdom husband was an elder at the time and he could see I was in a crisis. I told him that night I would never go back to a kh again. We left together and have not looked back since then.

    Life has its ups and downs and we have suffered heartache and loss like everyone else living on this planet.

    We deal with it and try to be decent, kind people to everyone we meet.

    Your honesty with your family is refreshing, hopefully in time they will wake up too.

    Love to you and your family ( I am ex-pat living in Scandanavia).

    Chicken little

  • tiki
    Greetings peony! In reading your first post my first thought was I wonder how much of your illness was reactionary to the abnormal lifestyle...the panic attacks are a dead giveaway...I went through hellish panic attacks...but being raised believing youd be thrown in a concentration camp...tortured...abused and then maybe..perhaps you might be saved...well it adds up. Welcome to life and reality...😊

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