New Geoffrey Jackson statement on Royal Commission's webpage!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • pbrow

    orphancow... I couldn't agree more. Once you are out of this cult you realize how bat shit crazy they are to try and justify their 21st century morals with an ancient middle eastern worldview.

    Wake the fuck up people!


  • juanvazquez88

    Ocupation: minister??? It shoud say: Ocupation: 1/7 of FDS???

  • defender of truth
    defender of truth
    ... insisting that congregation leaders are qualified to counsel victims (regardless of their experience)

    This video shows how well trained the elders are to counsel vulnerable people..

    Instructional video for elders: How to shepherd a suicidal widow

    I've passed it on to the Royal Commission.

  • Dagney

    What strikes me with this along with Jackson's testimony is the pompous display of importance, (in his mind), of the "depth" of their investigation into the scriptures used so that they do things "just so." They/he misses/miss the big picture of how that just doesn't matter at this point in time. What matters is how to handle abuse cases today, and no one really cares about an in depth review of bronze age law. It was appropriate for that time, but not today. The point is lost on him to the disbelief of the justice and the onlookers. **sigh**

    I so wish we could hear Angus' rebuttal to these statements.

  • Aprostate Exam
    Aprostate Exam
    Wow!!, this says a lot about him psychologically. LOL
  • Mephis
    How do you read Deuteronomy 22, and still think two witnesses is meant because it involves the death penalty? vs 13 - 19 talk about stoning a woman to death if a bit of cloth can't be found to prove she was a virgin. They really aren't the brightest on even their own specialist subject.
  • Esse quam videri
    Esse quam videri

    ' this a grown man's signature..?'

    Al least you can see it is G W Jackson. As for the witness, it's anyone's guess who he/she is?

    If you should not be able to discern the actual letters of an adults signature, then no, it is not the signature of a grown-up. Personally, I prefer to discern the actual letters of the alphabet.

  • Vidiot
    I will say this; the letter is definitely the politest "f**k you" I've ever read.
  • Oubliette

    OneEyedJoe: Seems like he took the coward's way out here

    JWs ARE cowards. They are afraid to face reality.

  • Dumplin

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