How many here believed, down deep in your heart that the end would come in 1975?

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  • SafeAtHome

    I could have had a pretty good scholarship for college. I was straight A's, college course in high school, class of 1968, but of course I was the obedient daughter. I have always admired my older sister who went to college and had a successful career in journalism. Fortunately my parents never shunned her or me after I left in 1985. They are both gone now, never dreaming they would have grown old in "this system", fortunately my dad had a good pension from his 40 years at a factory. Those days of company pensions are gone and so many of my boomer generation are retiring with nothing but SS and that doesn't go far.

    Because of believing the 1975 hype I got married way too young...I was 21, he was 19. Yikes, that sounds so crazy now. Anyway, we wanted to experience married life and all that goes with it for at least a few years before Armageddon. The marriage lasted 12 years, past 1975, till he decided he didn't want to be married anymore. Hey, just dawned on me, maybe he married me thinking it wouldn't last long! (Funny since he has been married 3 more times since)

    So yes, the 1975 hype kept me from college and I married way too young. But all's well that is ending well. No more JWs, a nonJW hubby and raised a beautiful daughter who occasionally says, "Poor mom, you didn't have this or you didn't get to do that". Maybe not, but my daughter did and does!!

  • OnTheWayOut

    My mother was a full believer. She didn't try all that hard to push that 1975 part on me and my siblings, but wanted us to know the religion as the truth, the way. She and my dad divorced before 1975 after the death of my older brother. While they never really would have made it back together, Mom and Dad were dating each other in 1975, to try to work it out maybe. But when midnight, morning of January 1st, 1976 arrived, my drunk dad called my mom and said "I'm still here." That was the end of that reconciliation.

  • LisaRose
    I did at first, I converted in 1969. As it got closer to 1975 I started to think the end was going to come, not anytime soon anyway. The further away from 1975 the less Armageddon seemed real.
  • JWdaughter

    I was 8 in '75. I believed it. My excuse was that I was eight.

    Afterwards though, I was skeptical and all those fears while still there, still made it easier for me to question things. I'm glad I did!

  • DesirousOfChange

    I was a teenager and they had just lowered the drinking age. I was so busy raising hell and ducking trouble. I sure prayed like hell that either it wouldn't come or Jehovah would be REAL forgiving!


  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    fulltimestudent: That's new to me ,Nathan tells the crowd "Freddy is full of sh--t.

    There is not enough time left in 1975 for all the thing that FF says must happen before


    My understanding is that the 1975 thing was Freddy Franz idea. Makes me wonder if Knorr was ever 100% on board with the idea. I believe they knew fully what they were doing and like someone said Freddy was a great snake oil salesman. Build up the hype to bring in the members and $$$$. Freddy lived to almost 100 and what a waste of a life as most of what he taught is or soon will be "old truth" and forgotten.

  • Ucantnome
    I think I believed that the anointed JW's were commissioned to preach and that Matt. 24:45-47 was fulfilled in 1919. I also believed that they were virgin class that was part of the 'sign'. I also believed that the Great Tribulation could start before 1975 and that 1975 ended 6000 years of the 7th creative day and adjusted my life in accord with that belief.

    In 1976 I did not feel any disappointment.

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