Thought I was stronger!

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    stan livedeath
    ( odd---the photo URL i uploaded hasnt appeared )
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    Thanks, I've found it x
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    troubled mind

    I felt much like you did when we first faded .We live in a small town and see JWs quite often . In fact at one time five families lived with in one block of me !

    But I am here to tell you it gets so much better ! It took me actually about 3 yrs to gain enough confidence to no longer care when I ran into any JWs.

    My husbands step brother is an Elder here ,and his wife is an elite Elderess :) . They make quite the dramatic show of shunning us in public . We literally bumped into my sister in law at the grocery store while turning down an aisle . I am a friendly person so I immediately said, " Oh Hi !" She looked through us as if we were invisible ! I just busted up laughing because it was so ridiculous..

    I have run into her son, our nephew,and he at least was nice enough to smile, and say hello . You know just like a normal human being .

    For the most part I just treat them like any other person I see on the street . I wave ,smile ,say hello ,because that is what you should do .If they want to be jerks ,well that is on them ,but I won't be like them .

    Seriously Peony ,hold your head up ,look right at them and smile ,say hello ,then move on along . It builds your self confidence each time you do this .Any onlooker will see who is being small and smug .

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