Field Service, Anyone?

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  • JAVA


    Thumbs Up for a great read--you described time in the field with total honesty. The "Kingdom Publisher(s)" were created in 1925 by Rutherford after he started a huge sales campaign a few years earlier. I'm sure the sale of donuts and coffee increased sharply with these dates. Thanks Farkel, I enjoyed the read.

    ...counting time at the Coffee Shop

  • rob

    A tip of the hat to both you and Dunkin' Donuts, Farkel. You made my rainy spring morning a bit sunnier.

  • Flowerpetal

    Farkel, you relate:

    We push the doorbell, but can't hear a ring. We wait five minutes and push the doorbell and still can't hear a ring. After another five minutes we come to the sudden realization that perhaps the doorbell doesn't work and remember that Jehovah is watching us. Jehovah is always watching us and Jehovah has also figured out that the doorbell doesn't work. So we'd better do our best to make sure someone is home. One of us knocks ever-so-softly on the door. We do this because we want to GENTLY wake them up from a sound sleep so we can tell them something we are certain they won't want to hear in the first place. After another five minutes and second knock which is a little louder, someone answers the door."

    I had to laugh at this one! Years ago, when I was a teenager, I worked with this brother who was bound and determined to get somebody home at the house we were at. It was a two-story house. He rang the bell--no answer. He knocked, each time getting a little louder with his knocks--no answer. Then, just when I thought he was going to leave and count it as a not home, he went around the back of the house, to find another door to knock on--no answer. Then he looked up to the second-story window and shouted "Hello--anybody home?" Next I thought he was going to pick up a little pebble and throw it at the window, but he didn't. But I wondered if he was thinking of doing it. LOL But finally it dawned on him that nobody was home---really.

  • joelbear

    You guys would have hated service with me.

    Coffee breaks? HA! Maybe if everyone in the car group had run out of literature.

    Stopping door to door work early for return visits? HA! I put everyone who were doing return visits into one car group at the beginning of service.

    One time I even refused to take a sister with a daughter to where the young girl could use the bathroom so she peed in her pants right on the corner in the neighborhood.

    I can only hope there is no hell for me to burn in for that one.

    HINT for current witnesses: NEVER go out in service with the pioneer brother with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder who is also overcompensating for his homosexual desires. You will regret it!!!

    hugs for those who can forgive such ogreistic behavior


  • TR

    Sorry Fred,

    you've got it ASSbackwards,

    How could you forget? I've presented to you the "Head Up Your Ass" award on numerous occasions.


  • TR


    I must have been that partner with you that day. In fact most of us could have been that partner.

    That particular house had no cars in sight, no drapes. We could see through the windows that there was also no furniture inside. The sign on the lawn said, "For Sale. Immediate Occupancy."

    What kills me is that I work at vacant houses frequently, and am always running across WTS rags stuffed in the doors. What a disingenuous, dishonest thing to do.


  • ZazuWitts


    So VeRy FuNny aNd So TrUE - hehe, still laughing. Thanks.


    Oh my, bet you were embarrassed; I know I would have been...there's such a thing as going too far!


    We NeVeR had 'coffee breaks' - now you've got me wondering about our 42 year-old PO who was single. No, wait, I recall he started 'hitting' on me when I turned 18...Zeeesh!


    Many years ago, while house-hunting, I came across a home with a 'For Sale by Owner' sign. When I went to the door to knock, I realized the place was vacant...but found more than a dozen
    W&A's between the storm and front doors. Bet someone marked a lot of placements with a nonexistent householder, eh!!!!

  • cocolocoii

    That was hilarious!
    I laughed so much that I forced myself to stop. (I am in my office)
    Thanks a lot for sharing your memories.

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  • RedhorseWoman

    Farkel, you are truly very deftly expressed every thought that would be in my mind while I was out in service.

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