Field Service, Anyone?

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  • Liberated

    Hi Farkel,

    I laughed until my sides hurt so bad I was crying!!

    I did the empty house one! Sooo embarressing as we stood there waiting, finally peeking thru the window at the completely EMPTY living room, and then realizing we had walked passed the For Sale sign in the front lawn.

    Kirsten, thanks for the link. We've got it going on both boards!

    In service one day I was asking my partner for a spiritual question to use on a return visit to spark some interest. He offered this, "What do you think it'll feel like being through into gehenna?"
    I was laughing so much I couldn't make the call.

    My daughter and her friend were at one of her return visits but no one answered the door, so when they were leaving they started goofing around and the friend pushed my daughter against the front door... which flew open and deposited my daughter in the living room....where the family was sitting quietly on the couch.

    thanks for the memories

  • Marilyn

    What is remarkable is that we/they were/are pursuaded to do Witnessing, when we/they all hated/hate it so much. Your post brought back loads of miserable memories....... shudder!! I just loathed Witnessing. One morning I got *reprimanded* for saying "I'd gotten rid of x number of magerzines that day. Placed sister, PLACED!!!!


  • JT

    I have a co-worker who is not a jw but she truly enjoys learning about the behind the scene things that go on in WT

    she had mentioned that when she studied she could not get with the "FIELD SERVICE THANG"

    So I knew she would enjoy this link i just sent it to her.

    I'm sure she will get a kick out of the Real Life World of a JW

    just my 2


  • Tina

    lol tooo funny,thanks Fark and posters lol...regards,Tina

  • onacruse


    Farkel, see what you're missing? Nothing but fluff left in your life now, eh?



  • SheilaM

    Farkel, YOU Said it all LOL

  • bikerchic

    big hardy chuckle!

    Thanks for the memories Farkel!


  • cawshun

    loved it Farkel,

    I watch that circus go on in my neighborhood, the car drives up, out they pop and go to their sales pitch. I close my blinds, turn down my tv and stay out of sight. Man, will they ever leave? Finally after 5 min. they leave. I still have to keep my blinds closed till they leave the neighborhood in case they back track. This should be against the law! I live in a small town, so I hate to be rude to these people. It's easier to avoid them.


  • Farkel

    bump on request.


  • mouthy

    Yes that was funny ...But NONE of you would have liked to work with me. So consider yourselves blessed
    never to have met me!!!!
    I LOVED field service!! Was so happy to save lives So happy to know I was going to live on the paradise
    Such a wonderful thing to be told by "IMPORTANT?"elders,That it was a pity I wasnt a man. Cos I would be an

    Farkel you are so funny I love ya mate

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