WTBTS Monitoring Discussion Boards??????

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  • Francois

    Well of course they monitor these sites. That's one way they know they're being identified as a cult, and then react with a typically guilty conscience.

    As for their warning about such sites endangering people's faith, well, if a person's faith is so weak that their hearts and minds can be changed by reading a few posts, then perhaps the JWs arguments aren't that convincing in the first place.

    As stated elsewhere, cults attract a particular type of person. As people grow and evolve naturally, many outgrow the mental orientation that makes them vulnerable to the blandishments of a cult and they leave the JWs on their own accord. Same is true of people who were forcibly raised in a JW household. These people grow up, begin thinking for themselves, and reject the infantilism of the WTB&TS. That was the case with me.

    The fear of the JWs to engage in public debate about their faith flys in the face of scriptural exhortations to always be ready to make your case for what you believe. Only cowards avoid such things.

    Those boys in Brooklyn have been challenged to a debate right here on this board, and they're far too cowardly to respond - after all that foaming at the mouth they did in "JWs in the Divine Purpose." Now they're being hoisted on their own petard. Can't think of anyone who deserves it more. And the best they can do is issue their impotent threats that "Jehovah" is going to "get" all people like me, who call the WTB&TS exactly what it is: a damnable, dangerous, divisive, destructive CULT; and calling the GB what they are: knowing, deliberate LIARS (And by the way, Brooklyn Boys, God isn't going to do a damn thing about it.)


  • willy_think

    bravo francoise!

    what was hidden in the dark, will be made known in the light.

    the ideas and opinions expressed in this post do not necessiarly represent those of the WTB&TS inc. or any of it's subsidiary corporations.
  • dmouse

    They probably do, maybe even pay some third party to do it for them, so none of their slaves are tempted.

    It seems that the magazines do cover some of the issues raised on apostate sites, in a half-assed way that only JWs would accept.

    If that is the case then we should expect a big downer on paedophilia in the mags any time soon.

  • LovesDubs

    Well of course the Society has an ENTIRE secret department who does nothing else but monitor apostate sites and discussion boards such as this to see what BROTHERS are looking at...the problem is, they keep having to get new people to do the job because the old ones keep "leaving Jehovah" a phenomenon they cant seem to explain, except that there MUST be a proof text somewhere about it that they can "..." enough to fit that hole. There is one brother reading the internet with inch thick glasses, another writing down online names and addresses on a list, and another brother furiously updating their databases and stamping 'WATCH THIS ONE" on files in some stacks in a high tower with nothing but candle light to work by.

    rofl...what a visual

  • dark clouds
    dark clouds

    " A Phenomenon they can't seem to explain"----LovesDubs

    This line made me snort the coffee i was drinking,

    thanks for the laugh. . .


  • Francois

    Thanks willy_think. The Jay-Dubs have become a caricature of themselves, becoming more and more comical every day.

    The governing boobies have said that they "act as a prophet." Said so in the WT more than once. And all know they claim to be the channel of communication God is using. Heady claims. And how to judge them? By the same standards they set for all others who make such claims, by applying Deut.: 18:22, "When a prophet speaketh in the name of the LORD, if the thing follow not, nor come to pass, that is the thing which the LORD hath not spoken, but the prophet hath spoken it presumptuously: thou shalt not be afraid of him."

    The WTB&TS is a FALSE PROPHET, pure and simple by its own definition.

    And, as the scripture says, the WT Society is presumptuous, and is deserving of nothing but SCORN.


  • AlanF

    The Society certainly does monitor a number of JW-critical websites. This can be formally, where a trusted member of Bethel is given a special assignment of monitoring, or informally, where Bethelites just do it on their own. Of course, plenty of rank & file JWs cruise these websites, and sometimes report what they see up the chain of command, where it may get to Bethel.

    I believe that several years ago, when Kent Steinhaug first put the Flock book up on his website, it was some outraged R&F JWs who reported the "copyright violation" to Brooklyn. Of course, the Norwegian police were quite amused about the whole thing. Kent removed the OCR'd book for awhile, but it's back and is available at many websites.


  • jst2laws

    Good to hear from you. Hope you got my recent e-mail.
    I think you got enough answers to your question. The key part was "is there proof"? I think AlanF had the most reasonable assesment. The best approach for most of us is to assume the worst whether or not there is proof. I was reminded by Farkel the greatist risk is not what we say here but what we might say locally, to a seeming trusted friend in the congregation, or out.(check VeniceIt's story). It may be too late for me. Keep quiet with your local friends.

  • normie67

    AlanF and jst2laws, I think you both are right in regards to How these boards might be monitored. I believe some lurk and in turn tell the Higher Ups, it seems a little far fetched to have a Dept or Group at Bethel "monitoring" and writing down names and keeping "tabs" on the active ones that post here.I do agree we have to guard what we say locally!!
    Thanks jst2laws will check my email now!!


  • outnfree


    You said, "I was reminded by Farkel the greatest risk is not what we say here but what we may say locally, to a seeming trusted friend in the congregation, or out. It may be too late for me."

    Did something happen lately that endangers your anonymity? If so, and you're feeling worried or betrayed, we're here for you.


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