WTBTS Monitoring Discussion Boards??????

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  • outnfree

    I'm not sure if they monitor DBs or not, but I also think it's likely that they do.
    At my non-judicial-committee-meeting-but-there-were-three-elders-in-attendance-anyway, after I submitted my disassociation letter, one of the elders specifically asked me if I had been doing research on the internet. I was "cautious as a serpent, innocent as a dove" as I mentioned sites for multiple Bible translations and early church history in my reply, but I thought to myself, if I hadn't already been on the internet, I would've gone straight to my computer after that session just to see what was out there that they were so afraid of.
    "I have seen the enemy and he is us!" -- ???


  • outnfree

    Sorry, reply got hung up somewhere!

  • outnfree

    No, I do NOT have a multiple personality!

  • Thirdson

    No-one has said anything to confirm this other than 'hearsay'.

    The only thing I have seen is the change to the WTS's own website that used to allude to other 'unfavorable' sites. At least they acknowledged the existance of such sites and know "some" (WTS for a huge amount) were not very supportative of the WTS.


    'To avoid criticism, say nothing, do nothing, be nothing'

  • TMS

    Has not the Society's legal team forced certain websites to remove copywrited material from their site? Wouldn't this indicate monitoring?


  • dark clouds
    dark clouds

    with the amount of monitoring that goes on in the hall i would put my money on the fact that they do. . . .

    when i was 19, a group of "brothers" from my congregation, including myself, were called into a "meeting", for getting together on sunday afternoons.

    after field service, mind you, we would arrange to meet and play football, amongst ourselves and "brothers" of different congregations. . .

    seems that our competitive spirit was surfacing and becoming evident in the hall and throughout the circuit. someone must have tipped of the elders about our gatherings, for soon enough these games were bought to a halt. . .

    the clincher though was when one of the elders asked me who was spitting on the neighborhood dogs on the way to the park. . .

    i was amazed, i really thought jehovah was watching us, for that was the first time i had heard of such delinquent behavior within our group. . .

    shortly after we resorted to a healthier activity of drinking and clubbing, figuring that at nite, the dubs should be sleeping. the only way for us to be seen inside a club, would be by another dub who would incriminate himself by telling on us . . . .

    it worked, for our attention was never called again, at least not for our new pass time. . .

    Hippikon: i love your inverted quote, Anton Lavey must have rolled over


    Thirdson wrote:

    ::..."some" (WTS for a huge amount)

    "Fraid I got nothing to add on-topic to this thread. I just *had* to post a reaction to the above spot on observation.

    Lol! I've often wondered how many of us JWs *get it* when the Society uses terms such as "some," "a few," "occasionally," etc., with the manipulative intent of casting some less-than-flattering-to-the-organization's-meticulously-crafted-image "admission" into a barely significant, not-even-worth-mentioning light. It automatically conveys just the opposite impression among those with a "discerning" ear when you recognize their aversion to full (or any!) disclosure. You know darn well that trees are not being sacrificed on the WBTS altar at the present rate in order to dispense "food" for merely "some," "a few," and "occasional[ly]" publisher[s]/situation!

    -AMNESIAN, a forgetful hearer, sadly longing to forget much of the last 29 years...

  • Gopher


    Welcome to the board! Enjoyed your post. I hope you will share you story with us (if you haven't already done so elsewhere). I'm sure you have something interesting to tell after nearly 3 decades of pounding the pavement.

    BTW, love your moniker "Amnesian". ROFLOL! It takes the cake for creativity.


  • riz

    I wouldn't be surprised if these sites were being monitored either. Jehovah's Witnesses are synonymous with paranoia. Since the internet is satan's mouthpiece, and your average jw couldn't logically reason their way out of a paper bag, it makes sense that the borg would instill a healthy fear ala 'Big brother is watching you,' to try to keep the 'sheep' from being led astray by the demonized apostates.

    What makes me laugh is that the borg beats the r&f over the head with council to stear clear of the internet, unless of course it is to check out their own official site. Their hypocrisy knows no bounds.



    Gopher wrote:

    ::Welcome to the board! Enjoyed your post.

    You're very kind. Thank you.

    ::I hope you will share you story with us (if you haven't already done so elsewhere). I'm sure you have something interesting to tell after nearly 3 decades of pounding the pavement.

    Indeed. The truth is I haven't worked up the emotional energy to even fully acknowledge "my story" to myself, much less share it. Perhaps in time.

    ::BTW, love your moniker "Amnesian". ROFLOL! It takes the cake for creativity.

    Believe me, it succinctly sums up *my* "present truth." =^) Thanks again.

    AMNESIAN, reaching out for the office of forgetful hearer after 29 years of regretful listening

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