Whoa ! maybe it's not as good here in Oz as I thought!

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  • smiddy

    I think "We eat Pork " was a giveaway don`t you ?


  • Splash

    Here's the original

  • Sabin
    Australia, where the men are men & so are the women.
  • LoveUniHateExams

    The sign may be a joke but it may also reflect popular sentiment from some Australian citizens. They might feel that their country is going in a particular direction and they'd rather it didn't.

    My dad was a £10 pom in the 60s. He told me he remembered times when Auzzies could be very direct to British immigrants:

    "If you don't like it here, f**k off back to Britain. Here's ten dollars, take your mates with you" ... "whinging poms", etc. I don't think they were being really nasty - they were just being very direct and using some industrial language.

  • Diogenesister
    I think brandnew is saying it's probably been photoshopped no?
  • Diogenesister

    Just saw splash original sign and nearly choked on me tea.....1263 miles to the next nearest town???or just to ANY town?

    I live in a tiny village called the uk btw

  • wozza

    Thanks Splash I think the original is better

    and LUHE I was one of them as a kid out from England ,we had to live in Nissen huts till dad could save for a deposit on a house in the 50"s ,some British hated Oz when they got here ,some were homesick and went back and that is where the whinging pom thing came into it I think. I grew up with kids from around the world, that was post war times, it was tough , one friend of mine then at primary school took me back to his home to meet his family - Russian - they lived in a Chevrolet car crate and drank water out of a rusty barrel that ran off the iron sheets on top of the crate. I remember thinking how lucky we were to have a house by then with inside toilet and shower.

    Tough times for alot who were displaced as refugees of war and migrants who only paid 10 pounds to come here. Both my parents struggled but said they would never go back to England and were thankful they were accepted into Australia ,they had lived thru the great depression and WW11 and were glad of the new start.

    My father in law came to Oz in 1948 as a single refugee ,was put to work on the wharves and was thankful all his life for being accepted in Oz -he spent 4 Years in a Nazi concentration camp -he was very glad to learn a new language and be accepted by the Oz people. And they still get accepted here.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    And they still get accepted here - my dad said that if immigrants moaned about England, locals would tell them in no uncertain terms to go back where they came from. However, if they made an effort to make Auzzie friends in addition to their English friends, got a job, and generally made an effort to integrate, then the locals welcomed them with open arms.

    My dad integrated well and enjoyed his time there, but went back after 3 years at the age of 21 because he was young and the rest of his family was in the UK. He's often said he wished he stayed out there.

  • WingCommander

    I call BS on that sign from the start. Australian's haven't been able to legally own weapons larger than sport .22LR in years!

    That sign is more like "wishful thinking." There are however a few signs like that here in the USA.

    'Murica! Luv it or leave it !

  • Vidiot

    With sentiments like that, shouldn't the sign read "Arizona" instead of "Australia"?

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