Whoa ! maybe it's not as good here in Oz as I thought!

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  • nicolaou
    Perhaps Australia did not forget the hard lessons that it's first nation learned from not vigorously repelling foreigners from it's shores.

    Correct me if I'm misunderstanding you prologos but you aren't actually comparing migrants to Nazi invaders are you? No, that can't be it, you couldn't possibly be that stupid. Could you clarify please?

  • barry

    Australians can own centre fire guns and for farmers there are few restrictions one being a safe is required also automatic guns are banned.

    A person not a property owner can join a club or get permission to shoot on a property in order to own a gun.

    When I was a kid you only had to have the money to buy a gun no licensing at all.

  • umbertoecho

    That's just some joke, really. The Arms. are the ones hanging off the shoulders

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