Ganged up via Telephone

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  • JakeM2012
    I'm proud of you! Excellent Points.
  • John Aquila
  • LisaRose

    I am soooo proud of you. It's very hard to stand up to elders as you did, you have been taught to obey the organization and the elders as if they are God, to be able to speak truth to power in this situation is remarkable.

    Maybe you planted a seed, but if not you gave them every chance to see the lies they are defending. If a person chooses to close their eyes to an uncomfortable reality there is nothing you can do for them.


  • troubled mind
    troubled mind
    Totally proud of you !
  • brandnew
  • steve2

    If you were my son, I'd be proud of you for speaking up and owning your views and conclusions. Well done!

  • DesirousOfChange

    Hopefully you are prepared for the announcement that they will likely make?

    Welcome to the rest of your life!


    The greatest revenge is living a happy & successful life!

  • Stuck in the middle37
    Stuck in the middle37
    I like what you said and did. Proud of YOU.
  • Mikeinkona

    You told the truth, and spoke from your heart. You did not deceive or lie. The excerpts you sent are excellent. From their own words are they condemned. You exposed the gross and utter hypocrisy that is their stock in trade. It will cost you for your truthfulness, but it's refreshing to see a conscience at work. Independant thinking rules. Aloha

  • JWdaughter
    Im very proud of you and so pleased. if I were your mom. Id give you a hug or a cookie! Im saving it for future reference, if you dont mind.

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