The local hall just got fleeced for $15,000!

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  • cha ching
    cha ching
    Perfect idea, WT Wizard, I love the idea of speaking in ice cream cone terms!
  • My Name is of No Consequence
    My Name is of No Consequence

    The only resolution that I remember not passing was one to change the Sunday meeting time from 9:30am to 10:00am. Almost everybody was in favor of the 9:30am start. The elder was dumbfounded.

    That was probably 15 years ago. Now that hall starts their Sunday meetings at 10:00am. Go figure.

  • pepperheart
    Though in the long term when the kingdom halls need money for somthing it will be interesting to see if they get any from headquarters and if they dont how many leave the borg
  • Calebs Airplane
    Calebs Airplane

    At least it will go towards another Apple Gold Watch with a Field Service App already preloaded....

  • William Penwell
    William Penwell
    I was never an elder myself but I would like to know from former elders on here if the borg puts the bug into the elders ear or out and out tell them that any extra money has to go to the mother organization. The reason why they vote on it is to make it look like it was a democratic decision.
  • stuckinarut2

    There is only one option when these "resolutions" are passed....and that is to go along with the directed decision.

    If one doesn't, they are branded as an opposer with bad motives.

    check your brain in at the door before entering....

  • ssn587
    Many times ?I voted no on resolutions then the elder would say it passed unamimously which was a lie, I would talk to them about it and of course they would try and turn it on me. Then I would get the song and dance and dance about the elders all agree etc., and that I was being a thorn in the congregations side. No I would say you lied not all agreed and saying so is a lie, then I would hear we didn't see your hand up, and I would tell them that is nonsense as I was setting 2nd row middle and many people saw my hand up. You just lied again and I will no longer talk with you, after awhile I only had one or two elders I would talk to.
  • cha ching
    cha ching

    I do know from my husband, an elder, that at "Circuit Assembly's" they had money enough to pay for their expenses, told people they needed more, got more $$, then asked all elders if they should send the extra to NY.

    One older brother in our hall, asked the head honcho about this in front of all (during one of those "elder meetings" at the CA) and he even asked if this type of statement to the brothers and sisters wasn't dishonest. He was given a joe blow schmo type of answer, that basically meant "this is what we do, now be quiet."

    So sad that the pressure to "conform" over rules the pressure to "do what is right."

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