hi to all who remember me!!!

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  • uncle_onion

    Hi all

    It has been a long long time since I dropped by here! Hello to every one who "knows" me.

    A lot has happened since I last visited here. My wife and I left the dubs and we were left alone despite me having a very "apostate" web site ! www.607v587.com but after a few months of not being dubs, we decided that the only thing that was keeping us together was the dubs and we split up. We got divorced a few months ago.I have now met a wonderful person by the name of Lisa and I can honestly say that I have never enjoyed life so much. Being out of the dubs and having someone on the same wave length as you is great. I have decided that Life is for living and that is exactly what I am doing! Just got back from Australia and in a week I am off to go skiing which is some thing that I have wanted to do for a long time!

    My advice to anyone that is feeling very guilty about leaving the dubs is this: dont! life is brilliant. The world is not full of nasty people that are only looking out for themselves.The hold that the JWs have on you is very powerful but it is only powerful if YOU let it.If you feel the need to replace it with another religion then that is your choice but this time take a look around before jumping in. But most of all, do not judge others because they "feel" differently to you. And one final point: do not get get to your death bed and wish that you did this and this and this!!!!!! Just do it!

    Take care all

    John (uncle onion)

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  • Brummie
    The hold that the JWs have on you is very powerful but it is only powerful if YOU let it

    Never a truer word!

    Well Done John, glad you have found peace in your life.


  • Yerusalyim

    Uncle Union,

    Welcome back to the Board. Sorry about the divorce, but sh*t happens. Glad you've found someone who keeps life interesting. The ex? Is she still an official apostate or has the divorce sent her back "that way". Again WELCOMEBACK!

  • email


    I remember you years ago ... back then I didn't post because I was still IN and Paranoid... but I DO remember you... nice to see you again... and yes.. I HAVE been to your site several times reading the letters you sent to the WT and their replies along with your personal experiences... very interesting.

    I'm happy that you got your life back on track... as I am trying to do the same with mine ... pretty similar situation by the way.

    Glad to see you again!

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  • SpannerintheWorks

    Hi, Uncle Union Onion,

    I've just checked out your web site. I've always thought that the 607/587 discrepancy for the fall of Jerusalem was vitally important to

    show the flaws in Watchtower chronology and doctrine. Thanks.


  • caligirl

    Uncle Onion!

    It has been a long time! Congratulations on finding happiness! Happiness is a wonderful thing isn't it?

    You will have email shortly!

  • blondie

    Hi Uncle Onion. Are you still a firefighter?


  • uncle_onion

    Yes Blondie I am still a fire fighter! Good memory! Yeru, My ex stopped attending because I stopped attending. She did not read or look at anything so what she did was a knee jerk reaction. She started to attend a church and claimed to be born again but that only lasted a few months. She is now living in sin with a man 20 years older than her!


  • outnfree

    Hi, Uncle Onion!

    I certainly remember you.

    How's your son doing? Change must be tough on him. ...

    Welcome back,


  • Gopher

    Welcome back, Uncle Onion! I have missed your posts!!! I'm glad life has taken a few good turns for you, or rather, you've taken advantage of some great opportunities!!

    Thanks for summarizing the philosophies that have helped make you so happy. Hope to hear from you again every now and then!

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