Geoffrey Jackson's Golden Apple watch INVESTIGATED

by C0ntr013r 112 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • notjustyet

    Maybe it can be hacked. Hmmm

  • freddo

    Just because it is a gift doesn't let them off the hook

    Matthew 19 v 21 ...

  • Finkelstein

    Man there some people on this forum that need to get a life. the way the Watch worn by Jackson looks identical to mine and its was only $800.

    Still for a guy who's suppose to be a roll model for the rest of the organization, he isn't being very modest and practical is he ?

    I've seen elders drive around in brand new Cadillacs and wear expensive silk hand tailored suits, of course there is an element of hypocrisy within this organization, its also a calculated deceiving fraud developed to empower men

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