i made my sister cry :(

by BlackWolf 21 Replies latest jw friends

  • Bonsai

    It disgusts me how this religion keeps children locked in a prison of fear and superstition. Their only thought is to escape this system and get into paradise. So many children growing up in this environment are forced to live in small isolated little worlds that prevent them from contributing to society and harnessing their innate talents for the benefit of others and for themselves.

    Is your 14 year old sister baptized? If/when you leave, it seems very likely that she will zealously shun you. For the sake of your relationship with her, I'd help her little by little to expand her mind and see that not all is truth in WatchtowerLand before it's too late. If she wants to continue as a witness then that's her choice, but it would be advantageous to you if she was a "flexible" witness so that you can keep your relationship with her even if you leave.

  • datto

    BlackWolf, patience is important and this has to be handled very carefully.

    My sister, my bro-in-law & my 13 years old niece are jws. I didn't really care about my sister's belief as she's already in her middle age so she should be able to think for herself. The one i worried most is my niece. I am one of the person she look up to and we can talk about almost anything. I sometimes make fun of their religion and she can still let that go because I'm her favorite uncle. Anyway those were just small jokes. But there was once I talked a lil bit more about TTATT to her and she suddenly asked me to stop talking, and told me not to talk to her in that way in the future. I Immediately realized that this method will never work. It will only make things worse. It is important to maintain a good relationship and it is important that she will still listen to me in the future.

    I also realized that even if it works and if she managed to realized TTATT, it will be very difficult for her to face it alone especially at her age. She still has to depend on her parents and the three of'em are staying so far from us(me & my family all non-jw). So I gotta switch plan.

    BlackWolf, no matter what you say, don't risk breaking the good relationship between you and your sis. Make sure you guys can still talk. Lets work together. The least we can do now is try to delay her baptize. Some friends here mentioned about Jesus isn't baptized until he's 30. So imitate Jesus!

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