Now that you aren't a JW anymore....

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  • Flowerpetal

    Hi all,
    I was just wondering about most of you guys. Since you aren't JWs anymore, what are your beliefs now? Have you rejected the Bible as a whole? or just the Greek Scriptures? Are some of you still Christians, but with a different faith, or have you gone on to non-Christian faiths, or become agnostic or atheist? These question are just so I can see better where you are coming from.


  • joelbear

    I am a lifeist. Independent spiritually in that I am seeking truth on my own and not in the company of an organized group.

    Ethically, I am basically a golden rulist. I try to treat people kindly, honestly and fairly.

    Beyond that I think rules are superfluous.



  • Big Jim
    Big Jim

    I have come to believe that relegion is exactly what the Society said it was years ago (A TRAP AND A SNARE)
    I believe that we should live our lives by showing love to all without any exceptions.
    I have a hard time believing that a God of love would just sit back and watch the many horrible things that go on in this world just so it would be known who was the right ruler.
    At this point I do not even know what sort if any God put us here.

    I believe it is written that God rested on the seventh day, I think he should have used that day to think about kindness,empathy and how he could use it on his creation.

  • Moxy

    you will not find much of a consensus of belief here anymore than you would expect to be able to decorate your house all in 'non-red' colours, reasoning that the colours would all go together becuase they share in common the property of being 'not red'


  • expatbrit

    I don't have any confidence in any religion anymore. All religions are so human. If the Almighty God had a true religion, surely it would be so blindingly obvious, so pure and above human failings, that there could be no doubt possible. All religions are about control of others, and accumulation of power to the religious masters.

    So maybe God doesn't exist. Maybe he does and, for whatever reason, he has decided not to confirm his existence. I don't know. If he does exist and wants me to know, then I'm damn sure he'll see to it.

    The Bible? Obviously the product of humans and human religious ideas. It's too full of errors and contradictions and the sheer ridiculous to be anything else.

    So I guess I'm an agnostic, with some humanism thrown in.


  • stephenw20

    I am
    a son
    of I am that I am

    there is no organization in that.

    Jim when you say:

    "I believe it is written that God rested on the seventh day, I think he should have used that day to think about kindness,empathy and how he could use it on his creation."

    So then when Adam and Eve were perfect , in a paradise, in a garden , at this time god had done something wrong?

    I dont understand this. I realize it appears from the account that Adam and Eve were mere children, in the way they acted and behaved. But DId god grow hot with anger and KILL them on the, he did not ...he made coats for them.

    It is possible , as humans to be able to say " no , I believe this or that"
    and not blame others for our actions......blaming god is just a plain waste of are hurting no one but yourself

    I have been there blamed the" field of dreams" owner for 15 yrs...... to my own injury no one elses.......... we are here to LEARN..............period..........ADAM was NEVER PROMISED IMMORTALITY in a physical form......and there is no evidence if he had not sinned he would have lived forever.......... without eating of the tree of life......

    It seems to me, God has done litle resting, delivered the isrealites, david vs golaith, had men tell those interested a messiah is coming. Had his son drop in and give every one a chacne to get back to the garden. Is this resting?

    For every thing HORRIBLE that goes on in this world, it is not STAMPED "GOD" is stamped MAN WAS HERE. it started with CAIN and ABEL..... or was there something GOD should have done then......

    If you trace all this injustice , it will lead back to mans own idea or ruling other men and greed........

    if you think this is about the ruler ....GOD vs satan...lets get one thing straight..........GOD can destroy satan, you , me or anyone else in any form now and in ten minutes have us set up in another form better than the witness protection program.

    WE didnt make HIM

    LIFE my brother is a GIFT. it was created perfect......... dont blame god because your forefather ate a bad apple........

    Nice to have you on the forum Jim


  • Introspection

    Flower, I find I don't have much use for religion or beliefs anymore. If you ask me where I am spiritually, however, it would be a different story. Unfortunately, there is no way I can properly communicate that here, and it would be extremely difficult to do even in person. I really think that it has to be experienced.

    I've found the practice of meditation to be very helpful in understanding myself and developing insight, and I think it can even be beneficial for those who think they have a busy mind. By meditation I don't mean emptying your mind of all thoughts, but watching it and examining it as they arise, but not to get caught up in it. I really think that we are not our thoughts, because after all what we have in common here is leaving behind some old beliefs, though certainly many have shared similar experiences as well.

    Religion deals with human nature as well as God and the universe, and I think the former has been neglected by the majority. From my own exprience base - though it is admittedly just a glimpse compared to some - I really don't think this can be accomplished by just excercising the intellect. You can be a smart guy and have very little discipline, and I think that's where self-control comes in as a fruitage of the spirit. So yes, I have not rejected everything in the bible, though my understanding of it is certainly different now. For me these questions merely scratch the surface though, because I do think the experiential aspect is vital, because it is essentially a matter of realization.

  • NothingMan

    Flower, thank you for posting that question. It is good to know where other people are coming from. After researching other religions and there books I still believe that the Bible is the best deal. It has everything other books have and it adds a plan of salvation and a clear picture of Gods outworkings. Although I believe there have been many great men in the history I believe Jesus is the greatest.

    "I pour the helpless balm of my poor eyes" King Richard III
    exit stage left-NothingMan

  • SixofNine

    hmmm, funny the way you put that. It has been my observation that when people start examining the bible thru clear lenses, the Old Testament is the first to go.

    However, clinging tightly to the stories of the NT while rejecting the OT, doesn't make a lot of sense to me.

    I guess I am agnostic, mostly. With a heavy leaning towards thinking that there is a creator.

    Scary, but Sunchild posted a definition of "pagan" that was amazingly close to my beliefs. Funny, I guess I have a real predjudice against that label. Wonder where I got that?

  • apostate

    I was an atheist then I became a JW at my age of 20. I was so happy. I always inclouded in my prayers that I want to know the truth. After 10 hard years I realized what I learned from the Watchtower was not the truth. It was the biggest rip off of my life so far. It was a big setback in my faith in God. I still like the hones way of life but I hate all religion. I can't trust the Bible! I am sure about one life only. This one, and I will take good care of it. I don't care if I will be slaughtered just becouse I am not a blind fanatic.

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