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    Thank you for the link to the article. In the introduction, the journalist maintains that an epxeriment on one part of an "entangled photon" will instantly affect its partner at any distance. However, the article itself says nothing about this. Either the author is taking poetic license or the experiment he alludes to is found somewhere else. He provides no reference for this statement.

    The article goes on to explain how entangled photons can greatly improve the resolution of florescent microscopy. It also discusses the possibility of using entangled photons to more accurately calibrate sensing devices.

    From what I read, it would indicate that entangled photons are exactly in phase. That is, they are behaving exactly the same no matter how far apart they are. This does not require any communication between them for them to behave this way.

    If there is another article that explains this differntly, I would be interested in reading it.

  • crossroads

    Abaddon-thats what I have felt waiting on this corner thanks
    for the ride. You need not tell me the lyrics of one of the
    greatest songs of all time. It was my best friends get out
    of bablyon the lessor song. Every time I tried to pull him in
    back into the darkness he would quote a line.
    No hell below-tell me is there one-sort of depends on your
    definition of is-is oh sorry what hell is doesn't it.
    Go outside look up what do you see?Sky
    About being inspired I think many many people are inspired
    maybe all of us at one time or another.
    I do think Lennon was inspired when he penned this song.
    He had been to the mountain top looked out and seen the
    promised land and was letting everyone know how beautiful
    it was-he was inspired to write it many were inspired by the
    Now atheists-Lennon penned yet another song "GOD"
    in it he says "I don't believe in" followed each time by
    a being.
    and on he goes until he gets to " I just believe in ME YOKO
    and ME.
    A little story from my distant past. There is a family member
    who claims to be an atheist. One frightful night his young son
    [less than two] had convulsions as he was swollowing his
    tongue and is turning blue my sister rushing her little boy to
    the tub screeming my mom going nuts, all believers in the
    almighty but not one as I can recall called on HIM, now maybe
    they did but I don't remember. What I do remember is the
    little boys father while standing on the porch waiting for the
    ambulance looked up and said GOD oh GOD please help
    US. Now I can't tell you if GOD heard that atheists prayer
    that night or not that is for the Almighty to say. But the little
    boy lives he's in his thirties now in a lot of ways an athesit
    much like his dad.
    Point if Jean[Lennons] son had the samething happen to
    him would John trusted in Yoko or in the beyond.
    Hey thanks for the ride let me off here I see Larc must stop
    and say hi.
    Hi Larc which way are you headed?
    Peace and Love too All-Mark

  • Abaddon

    crossroads; I have to say I find the 'stream of conciousness' style grammar of your posts hard to work through when it comes to defining your meaning.

    Firstly, I say "Oh god", "please god" etc.. They are EXPRESSIONS. If I say 'Jesus f*cking Christ', I am not suggesting a physical impossibility, it is an expression. To argue that atheists believe in god because they use the word or say 'please god no' in stressful situations is silly, IMHO.

    It's like arguing I believe in Christ as the risen son of god because I say 'Merry Christmas'. Regarding Lennons lyrics, pointing out that when you go out and look up you see only sky is again silly IMHO.

    A balanced examination of the lyrics of the song show that as a writer he deliberately used 'only sky', as it fitted the scansion of the song better than 'no heaven'. Yet that he meant 'no heaven' was clear as he paired the phrase 'above us only sky' with 'no hell below us'.

    Yes, there are various meanings of hell, (jokes about Clinton and 'is' aside) but the whole song was talking about the potential of humans to put aside differences, forget about quaint fables as to what happens when we die which have no proof what-so-ever, and unite together in a bond of love.

    There are loads of songs about god or Jesus written by believers in god or Jesus, I don't think you need go poaching humanist hymns, you have enough of your own. It would be like me saying that Amasing Grace was about a girl I went out with.

    larc; You're right, I just flick read the top as I was looking for a URL. Here's a better one;

    Basically speaking, if you twiddle with an entangled photon, it's partner photon will be twiddled with in exactly the same way, at the same time.

    By the 'same time' I mean exactly that; there is no delay at all, so the 'force' communicating the change between the two particles must be acting faster than the speed of light.

    So far they have managed to do experiments with this over desktops distances, but every indication is that range is infinate and effect is instantaneous.

    The difficulty lies in how to encode a datastream, but as I have old Computer Magazines that say that it is impossible to transmit data faster than 33k over twisted copper pairs, and xDSL can hit 3M over ordinary lines, the fact it can't be done yet means nothing.

    If you want a real laugh, do a search on FTL travel... there are credible theories regading 'Wharp' drive. And they have suceeded in 'teleporting' photons too. Oh, and there is enough energy in a coffee cup full of vacuum to boil the Oceans of Earth dry.

    19th C science often wasn't worthy of the name. 20th C science was just getting warmed up. 21st C scienece is where is actually gets really interesting.

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