nagging doubt

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  • Shakita

    Hey mcpatrick:

    What are you doing here........shouldn't you be studying your Watchtower?

    Mrs. Shakita


    JNS2, honey...

    That nagging inner voice that has you second guessing yourself?

    We all have it. Many of us identify that feeling as being JW FEAR. By that I mean, in dub-ville we were taught not to trust our heart or our instincts. Now that you have left, it is hard to automatically stop those critical inner voices from badgering you and beating you and berating you and demanding more MORE MORE of you.

    Stopping that insanity is a process. Rest assured. . . in time, you will learn to relax and treat yourself in a more loving and more nurturing way. The jw way is very harsh and unloving, isn't it . . .

    Surround yourself with people who are caring and sympathetic and who will support you in your healing journey. This forum is such a place.

    Email me if you wish.


  • jgnat

    Welcome JNS2, nice to meet ya.

    Notice what happened when the high-control organization, the Communist Party of the USSR, gave over to democracy? There was a bit of anarchy and wildness that went on. Citizens who had depended on central control for their conscience, suddenly were free to make their own choices. I think it is a very good thing that you can hear your inner voice, doubting yourself a little bit, questioning your own motives, etc. etc. Give yourself time and your inner voice will become more trustworthy. A personal conscience, independent of any magazine! Imagine it!

  • Mackin
    Rapes, theft, murders you name them. I cannot honestly think of a religion I could be part of and know in my heart that even though these things go least I know it wasn't one of my fellow believers, other than JW.

    Except for murder (as far as I know) all these things go on in Bethels!!! Especially theft.

    And yes mcpatrick it was you fellow believers that did it, and got away with it unpunished.


  • onacruse

    JNS, we can use self-doubt to avoid self-deception.

    It can also use us to induce self-immobilization.

    Like jgnat and ESTEE say, self-trust will develop...indeed, it already is, or else you wouldn't even be struggling with this issue, eh? Keep on keeping on.


  • mouthy

    Answering the Jehovahs Witness on board...Sorry I forgot your name..Oh Yes!..Mcpatrick -good Irish name.Eh.? I must say I feel so sorry for you. After all these years -you still believe that God is using the Men that is sitting at Brooklyn Bethel.. I know your afraid to read Crises of Conscience -or anything written by any one who leaves the Organization...Fear !!!! True love throws fear outside.

    I guess you have not heard of the murders, rapes, liars, stealers, etc: that has gone on in your religion ( as it has in all religions).... Let me tell you son...... Pray that Jehovah will open your eyes,heart, ears, & mind. ( I dont call God Jehovah as I found out how that came into existence .

    But I do ask Jesus ---Who God told us to be our mediator - to let the HOLY SPIRIT teach me....I will pray that you too- will find out that within your ranks there are false teachers. Test the inspired word to see if it is true or not....I am not being nasty believe me. I love JWs. How could I not!!I have a daughter -grandchildren -greatgrandchildren within their rank. Who those "LOVING" men at Bethel teach them NOT to even say hello to their Grandmother & Mother because I am evil...Why>? because I could not admit to believing Jesus came invisably in 1914- When they change that date. Come back & visit. please.

  • Nikita

    Nagging doubts are a part of the process when you step back and begin to question everything you have based your spiritual, emotional and moral beliefs on. Keep on checking things out for yourself.

    Welcome to the board!

    Mouthy, excellent post!


  • WildHorses
    what if this is just a group of those that are justifying leaving & doing whatever they darn well want to do.

    LOL if that's the case, i've been doing it all wrong. Most of the time, I am working one of my two jobs. I've been dating a guy, but it hasn't progressed to THAT yet. And when I am not at work, I am home in front of this darn computer. I guess you're right, I'm doing what I darn well want to do. LOL


    BTW, welcome to the forum.

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  • JNS2

    It really is humbling to participate in this forum. The posts are insightful, clever, funny, touching, sincere, kind, compassionate, understanding, loving. Thanks for caring. And thank you (Simon?) for making this place possible jns2

  • WildHorses

    Mouthy, just thought i'd add my favorite Bible verse because it goes with what you stated below.

    But I do ask Jesus ---Who God told us to be our mediator - to let the HOLY SPIRIT teach me

    1st John: 27 But the anointing which you have received from Him abides in you, and you do not need that anyone teach you; but as the same anointing teaches you concerning all things, and is true, and is not a lie, and just as it has taught you, you will [5] abide in Him.

    edited to add which verse this came from.

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