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  • Farkel

    : and it's almost hylaric to see that all these sites practice just the things they accuse JW of. I saw some 'smart' sites that will show you some real lines out of JW publications to show a point, but then they are used in a context that they weren't meant for.


    Of course, I'm challenging you to name something taken about of context that is significant, and I know you won't. Dubs never do. They run and hide when challenged on their assertions.

    Well? I'm not holding my breath. I've debated with and demolished the arguments from the best of you, and you aren't even close to the "best" dub I've dealt with.

    Not even close. So just go hide. You all do.


  • nakedmvistar

    You Know seems to put you in your place on a regular basis, Farkel.

  • outnfree

    LOL @ nakedmvistar! YK gets the better of NO ONE! A truly [self-]delusional mind.


    Welcome to the Board! After just attending an ex-JW meetup, I must tell you that the nagging little voice is common and part of the exit process. In my case, I actually led a "double life" -- checking out churches on Sunday mornings while attending the KH on Sunday afternoons!!! It was an interesting lesson in contrasts. So much negativity at the KH. So much joy at church. Scriptures were unchanged -- the difference was attitude. And despite my "double life" I have not become a woman of loose morals. LOL Although I do feel freer to cuss.


    So happy to hear you're still tobacco free! I know what a struggle that was for me!


    I feel sorry for you. You are neither in nor out. Physically removed, but mentally enslaved. Yes, enslaved. The organization is NOT God's, not even close. The GB are not benign dictators in the guise of being Jehovah's mouthpiece on earth, they are purposely wicked whenever it is expedient for the survival of the Corporation to be so. They are not honest -- not even with themselves, I fear -- and they are not humble enough to beg forgiveness for their errors (because of course, they don't MAKE errors) even when their twisted reasonings have caused their followers definite harm. I'm not talking just the psychological hurt of being made to be different for differentness' sake. I'm talking refusal of competent medical care. Which part of blood is to be avoided again? How exactly is that psychotherapist untrustworthy? Or how about imprisonment for 'Christian' neutrality taken to the extreme? Would working in a military hospital or other forms of alternative service REALLY violate most JW's conscience? Or would two(?) years of prison be preferable to losing all contact with family and friends for a lifetime of shunning? How about the way they unlovingly apply the two witness rule even in cases of child abuse? Sticking to the letter of the Law rather than the spirit? Something Jesus for which condemned the Pharisees. "Wicked," "deceitful", these seem to me to be the proper adjectives to describe the Boardroom majority.

    Please educate yourself.


  • Michael3000

    Welcome! Many of us were where you are right now - including me. Here is a web site that helped me quiet those nagging little voices:


    -- Mike

  • JNS2

    Thanks Mike! I've been going to that site for a while (justnotsure2) & benefitting from it.

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