I had a Baywatch experience

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  • Makena1

    Had a great of boogie boarding and body surfing at Makena and nearby Little Beach in Maui. Waves were OK, 1-3ft with an occasional 5-6ft face. There was a pretty good rip current especially when venturing out to catch the bigger waves.

    Chatted with a nice couple who decided to try body surfing for their first time. They were getting knocked around pretty good until they started correctly diving under the breaking waves. Unfortunately, the current took them both out far beyond where they could touch bottom.

    Pretty soon, they were struggling to get back to shore, but were not succeeding. They were tiring out, and started to cry out for help. I was around 15 yards away and noticed no one was heading out to help them. I was on my board, but was not wearing my fins which are a big help when you get swept out and want to make your way back in. I know, because on two other occasions, I was not wearing fins and had a real struggle getting back to safer waters.

    Long story short, I paddled out, grabbed the lady who by now was in a complete panic. Her husband after asking me to bring her in, took off correctly swimming parallel to the beach until he got in shallower water. She wanted me to give her my board - I told her it would be better for her to hang on to me while I paddled us in. Took about 5 minutes (felt a LOT longer - we were both exhausted) to bring her over to where her husband was waiting. I got a nice hug and many thanks - and felt like a hero. Just glad that I was there to help and nothing worse happened.


  • Beans

    Great job, now this story would only be complete if Pamela were there to give you a huge hug as well.


  • Cassandra Cain
    Cassandra Cain

    KEWL Story Thx for sharing ^___^ hehe I agree beans bet u wouldn't of minded ur self too^_^. well that was verry nice of u wish there were more people like u.


    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    clerk: Evidence for who?
    Cain: Cain. David Cain.
    Clerk: Cain as in candy?
    Cain: Cain as in Killed his brother.
    Clerk: huh? could u spell that?
    Cain: Crack open a bible sometime you IDOT! (punches clerk out)

  • Makena1

    Thanks Cassandra and Beans. LOL

    I probably would have had some help or competition if the lady I was rescuing looked like Pamela Anderson!

  • Joyzabel


    I'm sure that couple will never forget you. Too bad there was no Pam Anderson, but hey are you as young as those beefy lifeguards in BabeBaywatch! Opps did I just say that? hehe


    I'm sooooo jealous of you guys over in Hiawii!

  • ugg

    OMG!! that could have been so deadly...for any of you...outstanding!!!! glad all turned out ok!!!

  • LB

    Hey I know a hero now

    I tried to rescue a young woman last summer at the beach. She kept slapping me everytime I grabbed her. Go figure. Some people claimed she didn't need rescuing but what did they know?

  • Mulan

    wow, Mak, you really are a hero.

    We haven't had anything like that happen. But, a few times the kids have gotten too far out, and wayyy over their heads. They weren't upset, but their Mom's were. Fortunately, Rachel's sister in law is a former competitive swimmer and seems to be right at their sides, in seconds, in time to pull them up. Even the two year old has no fear of the waves.

    Boogie boarding is great today, at Hukilau Beach. Sunset Beach has 20-25 foot waves now. We are going to try and get there later, to see them. Traffic is bad because there is a surfing competition going on. It's only about 5 miles up the road from us, here.

    We are having great weather, but understand it is changing tomorrow. Booooo. Rain is coming. Oh well, we can go to the flea market and spend some money.

  • TruckerGB

    I had quite a lot of them.

    Take care,


  • Stephanus

    Brother Makena, weren't you afraid they'd be bad association. You were being kind to fellow human beings lax in your spiritual duties - you should have been asking them when they were baptised, what is on page 3 of the current KM, etc. You may be counselled for this act of bravery breach of JW protocol - remember JWs aren't allowed to participate in fun life-endangering activities - the risk of losing another salesperson publisher is too high!

    Stephanus, of the Pharisaical Wanker Class

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