I had a Baywatch experience

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  • Joyzabel

    Nominating Makena for a Baywatch Hero Medal!!

    You were very brave and courageous. You know that lady could have pulled you down in her hysteria must less having the strength to kick back through those waves to save her.


    pst you don't need a Pam Anderson cheering you on, you have your beautiful wife!! aka more beautiful than Pam

  • Makena1

    Thanks for the replies- awshucks folks, tweren't nuthin.

    Trucker - Based on my little experience, I am really in awe and full of appreciation for really brave people like you and your coast guard brothers who do this on a regular basis. Salute!

    Stephanus - LOL - you sound like my dad. A very decent fellow, but also a real society man who turned out to be a real kill joy after getting married and having kids. He is gone now, and I loved a lot of things about him, but he could make the Sadduccees look like the cast of SNL!

    Joy, Mulan, ugg, LB - thanks for the kind words.

    LB - LOL - perhaps you were grabbing the lady in places that were too sensitive?


    Mak - leaving for home today, and getting teary eyed.

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