What If We Are All Wrong?

by SpannerintheWorks 54 Replies latest jw friends

  • mouthy

    You go on wondering Spanner... I KNOW they are evil ....HOW? by all those who visit my home- who have lost wives ,hubbies, children, Mothers, Fathers, friends, sisters, brothers, should I continue???? I second the suggestion you read C of C again( if you havent) also Combatting Mind Control ( if you have not)

  • myself

    Well, if I am wrong, I am wrong for the right reason.

  • Carmel


    I knew a lot of "fruits" in the Borg! some nuts yoo!

    cheers :-0

  • AlanF

    There's no way in hell that the JW are "right", i.e., the only true religion. You can go down two paths on this:

    If there is a God of the Bible and he values truth, love and other moral values, then the JWs cannot have God's approval because they do not love truth, and they do not love anyone except other JWs in good standing. Otherwise one would have to say that the God that created everything is an inconsistent moron. JWs tell lies about many things in order to defend their religion and to defend their idea of God, but the Bible itself condemns this in Job 13:7-13.

    If there is no God of the Bible, they can't be "right" for a rather obvious reason.


  • Robdar
    Ludicrous as it may seem, the Watchtower Society may be right?... Yeah? It is possible, don't you think?

    Hehe, at 8 years old, I got my jaws rung for asking just the opposite. What if they are wrong? Don't tell me that at 8 years old I had better sense than you do as an adult!

    Love ya,


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