What If We Are All Wrong?

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  • RubyTuesday

    If loving freedom is wrong...then I don't wanta be right.

  • no one
    no one

    Ludicrous as it may seem, the Watchtower Society may be right?... Yeah?

    It is possible, don't you think?

    As so much of their doctrines are based on interpretation.

    The Watchtower Society may have interpreted the bible... correctly!

    Everybody else may have interpreded ...incorrectly!

    Had the WT been right, we should all be sitting under our own vine and fig trees right about now. As far as 'everyone else interpreting incorrectly', no one else has made the 1914, 1925, 1975, before the 20th century ends claims. Seems to me as if the WTS has stood alone on these and other statements with the majority of the rest of Christendom waiting for a future coming of the Christ and Armageddon. Disappointing as it is, the WT has a chronology problem. Owning up to it and shifting the end to yet a future time would only further discredit them, so they are stuck with having to sleep in this particular bed that they've made.

  • songmistress


    I thought about this alot before I left. I figured if the WTS were right and I was wrong, then what was the worst that was going to happen? I was feeling so depressed at the time that non-existence actually sounded like a very good thing. I have always felt there are worse things than dying. At that time living was by far worse than dying, especially having to live by such hypocritical and judgemental conditions. "By their fruits you shall recognise them" and I had begun to recognise the JW's for what they were.

    Today I find that I miss some of the individuals I met, some of the ones with very big hearts who are just doing what they think is right, but I do not miss the hypocrisy and bullsh*t.

    Fundamentalism, where ever it is found is a dangerous thing and I will no longer allow it to hold sway over me. I have no doubt that the WTS IS NOT right.

    My thought


  • simplesally

    In my opinion, they have some things right and some things that are wrong.

    The part that is so bad is that the parts that are wrong cost people their lives either physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. Had I been put to the test last year, I had the Durable Power of Attorney in place that would not allow me to have a blood transfusion EVEN IF I changed my mind at the last minute. I may have even let my daughter die and opted to try to see her in the New System.

    What in the world are they thinking when they want us to go to them if we violate their rules or even Scriptural laws??? Where in the heck is it written that if you "sin" you MUST confess before 3 elders????

    Where in the heck is it written that they must publicly shame its members if one violates "the rules"??

    Who says you must wear a dress or a tie in order to hear a Bible based discussion or you are not showing respect?? Heaven forbids me from wearing a nice pantsuit that is probably more modest than a dress!!!???

    I am so sick of all their little rules that I don't want to even think about the rest of their dumb rules....it is so apparent to me that they go way beyond what is written. I got df'd last year and my in-laws and friends for years and years are now by they wayside.......listening to Dubdom. Not only have I "lost my religion" I have lost friends... and frankly, that hurts because I have limited time now and unless I want to be friends with people at work, I don't really have any way to make new ones. Being a JW was also a social group. But we have neighbors and are starting to get to know them a lot better now that we aren't forbidden to associate with them!

  • YellowLab

    The Society would damn well want us to believe they're right. After all, look at all the fiery world destruction pictures they publish in their books. Follow us, or you don't stand a chance. Classic signs of a cult.

    I would imagine those pictures would be scary to young children...


  • SheilaM

    To steal a thought from one of my alltime favorites "Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose"That is really what I wish religion would say hey, we have no friggin idea but these fruits of the spirit aren't a bad thing so let's try it. But instead the ram there shit down your throat then say hmmm well we have new light.

    Also if they are right and THAT is what Jehovah is about YUCKKKKKKKKK

  • DannyBear


    Shouldn't one of your first questions be; Is the Bible actually what it is touted to be?

    If you cannot without a single doubt accept it to be God's words, then why even try and interpret it?

    Of course if you believe that it is 'inspired' of God, then why must God have or need anyone to interpret for him?

    Is he that lame? Requiring puny man or a group of men to help him express himself?

    Inquiring minds you know.


  • JH

    When we look at biblical history, How many were saved from the flood? 8 people only out of how many millions. So about .001% of the society was saved

    Then how many were saved at sodom and gomorrah? No one. So 0% were saved.

    Adam and Eve sinned, and both died. So 0% were saved

    So if everything keeps on the same way,When Armageddon will hit then once again maybe .1%will be saved. That seems to match past survival probabilities. Doesn't look too good.

    Does this mean that the watchtower is right? No, they might also be destroyed.

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  • neyank

    "Any thoughts?"

    Yes. I happen to have a thought or two on this subject.

    #1 thought.
    Doesn't the history of the WTS have any efect on whether or not they are Gods chosen org.?
    Let's think on this for a moment.
    Do you think that someone that claims to speak for God should be able to get their teachings correct?
    You say it's all interpertation.
    That is correct. It is.

    Have you noticed how many times they have to make adjustments in their interpertation? And each and every new interpertation is considered THE TRUE interpertation.
    So much so that you would be df. if you did not agree with them and said so.

    How would you have felt if one of your loved ones needed an organ transplant
    during the time when the WTS taught that it was wrong to get one, and that loved one died because of their(WTS) teaching against it.
    And then just a few years later they changed that teaching.
    Would you have considered the WTS as a group thast speaks for God and has the 'truth'?

    Lets look at the fact that the WTS has a need to control EVERY aspect of a JWs life.
    Even to the point of DEMANDING that JWS refrain from certain activities in the bedroom.
    There is nowhere in the Bible that bedroom activities between a married couple are discussed. So what right does the WTS have to make rules about this?
    And lets not forget that the WTS tells the JWS what they can and cannot read.
    If the WTS was Gods true org. why are they woried that the JWs might read something negative about the org.?
    Do they have something to hide?

    Picture this.

    A couple of people come to your door wanting to preach something they call good news. They tell you of a bunch of good things to come.
    They tell you that they know the real truth as to what the scriptures teach.
    And they proceed to tell you that just about every teaching that you heard on the Bible is wrong.
    That they will be more than happy to straighten you out.
    The only thing they don't tell you is the price they want paid for their service is enslavement to a book publishing company.
    They leave out all the negatives about the org.: the false techings,false prophecies, being told that you must earn Gods favor by selling books that have useless info in them, that once you take the plunge (baptism) you will no longer be able to ask questions that might put the org in bad light, ect...ect...ect........

    Just a couple of thoughts on this.


  • Introspection

    Ok.. At some point you might just ask yourself whether you believe sincerity means anything, or if it's better to live a lie on the off chance that the society is right. If you believe God reads hearts and judges accordingly, is it better to be a good witness and do all the things based on self doubt on the off chance it will save you, or is it better to be honest even if that means you don't know? See even with this belief, God wouldn't go for the person putting on an act right? But if you're honest and sincere that will inevitably lead to the truth - you may not know a lot of things, but atleast you're truthful about that.

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