I don't want the Watchtower's version of paradise.

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  • truthseeker100

    DATA DOG:The WTBTS represents Neo-Zionist communism.

    I never thought about it in those terms before! LOL So true.

    Paradise as envisioned by the witnesses would make the likes of Stalin wretch when you think about it.

    Look at the beautiful diversity we already enjoy on earth. To some people deserts are their choice for others its mountains others its jungles others its the sea and the list goes on and on. All these habitats come with their own challenges and rewards paradise is different for everybody.

  • antes8080

    Are the sisters going to wear head covering when doing gardening?

    JW paradise will be so boring. That when satan gets released after 1000 years everyone will start following him.

  • TheMark
    In the pictures above, aren't they supposed to be all the same age? Why the children? Isn't everyone in paradise a perfect adult? Especially after a million years.

    How did the children get in? They seem too young to have been JW baptized.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    And the poor resurrected ones, no sex. I can see it now, ok sir you have been resurrected

    but there is something I need to tell you, you can't marry or have sex. Resurrected ones, how long

    will that last, no sex? A thousand years as for as we know, that may changed after 1000 years when

    the new scrolls are open. So for now we can't have you folks peeping in windows of those folks

    who are married at night, we must remember the falling Angeles who married the women on earth.

    Resurrected one, put me back in my grave maybe the rules may change after a thousand years.

  • datto

    After growing a bit older and having the opportunity to travel more and learn more about the different habitats, I've realized one thing... I love this paradise just the way it is!!!. I would not change it a bit. I visited some beautiful places more than once and I've realized that they look so much different in each season. I've also realized that some of the natural forces that we may call "destructive" are also the drivers of change. The change they bring about can also be beautiful. They impact the land as much as they impact the biodiversity of the area.

    StarTrekAngel, but the WT also says 'avoid love for the world' in w15 5/15

    10 Satan is “the ruler of this world,” and it is lying in his power. (John 12:31; 1 John 5:19) Therefore, much of what this world promotes runs counter to the standards set forth in the Bible. Of course, not everything the world offers is evil. However, we should expect that Satan would use his world to exploit our desires and try to induce us to sin or to develop love for the world and neglect our worship of Jehovah.Read 1 John 2:15, 16.

    11 Evidently, love for the world affected some first-century Christians. For example, Paul wrote: “Demas has forsaken me because he loved the present system of things.” (2 Tim. 4:10) The Bible does not specifically say what aspect of the world Demas loved, causing him to abandon Paul. It could be that Demas began to love material things more than spiritual pursuits. If that was the case, Demas missed out on thrilling spiritual privileges—and for what? Could the world possibly offer Demas anything that would surpass the blessings Jehovah could give him as an associate of Paul?Prov. 10:22.

    Science tells us that many beautiful natural habitats has a violent past. The Himalayas was formed from a massive collision between Indian Plate & the Eurasian Plate. Almost everything in the universe have gone through a rough, violent & disastrous process in their formation. However the god promoted by the WT can make it in a few clicks. They say paradise is perfection but in my opinion, I think paradise is imbalance from a scientific view. And of course what they will say next is we are now living in an imperfect world and it is difficult for us to understand the concept of perfection. What a cult

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    The paradise dream is just the fantasy used to lure the hapless and hopeless into the cult.

    Who but the most abject JW zombie would want to live the sterile life portrayed in the illustrations? I remember one which had a mountain with snow covering from its peak down to the ground in an otherwise summer landscape which shows that they have little understanding of nature or geography, it is so unrealistic. The killer for me, like others mentioned, would be living under the "Watchtower theocracy" forever.

  • fukitol

    Idiotic thread.

    "Can't think of what to hate about JWs today, so I'll say that life forever in a paradise on earth would suck."

    What next..say you'd hate to win the national lottery?

  • sir82
    I wouldn't worry about it, the paradise as painted by WTS literature is logistically impossible.
  • GodZoo
    fukitol4 hours ago
    Idiotic thread.
    "Can't think of what to hate about JWs today, so I'll say that life forever in a paradise on earth would suck."

    That in itself is an idiotic statement.

    What people are talking about is not a paradise on earth.. but rather the Watchtowers version of a bleached clean plastic 1940's eurocentric cartoon Mickey Mouse world populated by manakin zombie dolls.

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