I don't want the Watchtower's version of paradise.

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  • StarTrekAngel

    I am writing this in the hopes that it may help someone in a debate. I personally have not had a chance to discuss it with anyone but that is true for most other topics. I think is a good one to analyze. If you feel the reasoning has flaws, feel free to point them out.

    The version of paradise portrayed by the WT is very much known. We could probably draw it with our eyes closed. In WT teachings, this paradise as we picture it, is supposed to represent earth and life on it as Jehovah intended it to be. We are told that the time will come when we would work together to extend this paradise to all earth as it was supposed to be done by the first couple.

    After growing a bit older and having the opportunity to travel more and learn more about the different habitats, I've realized one thing... I love this paradise just the way it is!!!. I would not change it a bit. I visited some beautiful places more than once and I've realized that they look so much different in each season. I've also realized that some of the natural forces that we may call "destructive" are also the drivers of change. The change they bring about can also be beautiful. They impact the land as much as they impact the biodiversity of the area.

    But off course as a JW I also realized that what I like what Jehovah says is best can be quite different. Obviously that is a good thought stopping device, because I could not see some things that were right in front of my eyes...

    Why then, considering the diversity of colors, tastes, smell, races and biodiversity, do we have to conclude that the earth should look the same everywhere? Why should it all be green have the same animals? Why the same weather everywhere? Would a God of diversity want the whole planet to be the same? or would it make more sense for it to change constantly? Why demonstrate such affinity for variety to then make a creation that would never change? Would not it make sense to use evolution and adaptation as a tool for creating a dynamic planet? one that changes and where humans can spent time in the wonderful journey of constant discovery?

    If the above describes the earth as it is today, is not coincidence. I have to say that if you don't believe in God, that is fine, but I want your opinion on wether this would be a good argument to bring up to a JW

  • GodZoo

    All I have ever seen in Witness portrayals of paradise are people eating endless fruit, cuddling animals, and cleaning up the countryside plus plenty of singing kingdom hall songs.. and the most nightmarish part of all for me is that somewhere in almost every artist's rendition and illustration there is some middle aged caucasian male in a dressed like an elder exercising his patriarchal control rights and police like authority over the entire scene. To live with these people for an eternity would be sheer hell on earth.


    Don't forget the latest WT teachings of assigned plots of land. Do you think you're going to grow younger, feel incredible and set off on a journey? Think again! The WTBTS represents Neo-Zionist communism.

    You will be assigned "satisfying work", which will include building small houses on assigned plots of land. Then you will have to teach new ones for decades, and wear khaki PLEATED pants!! Gross!!!! Give me Matt Bomer slacks any day!!!

    Then you will face death at any moment for eternity! Yes, Jeehoober will raise you to perfection and release "Satan" again!! If you are one of the lucky few to survive yet another test from Sky-daddy, you will then live in fear. At any moment, your perfect heart could stray, then you are instantly killed!!

    Meanwhile TOMO, Jackson, and Lett are immortal as a reward for lying about child sexual abuse! GOD be praised!!!


  • SecretSlaveClass

    GodZoo and DataDog:

    You guys got some belly laughs out of me. As Larry the Cable Guy would say, "That's funny right there, I don't care who ya are!"

  • Ding

    All very rural settings...

    ... no roads, no cars or planes, no sports...

    I'm not sure where the clothes and garden implements come from since they never show any factories.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    I don't want to be a farmer for eternity, rising at the crack of day to feed the animals,

    milk the cow and tend the field. I'm not a lazy person but that's hard work. Some folks

    may love it, but my idea of paradise would be playing golf everyday and traveling.

    In regards to "assigned plots of land" as the population increase, guess what, subdivision.

    A lot of problems with paradise earth. A hundred years ago I had 100 acreages, now with

    all those resurrected ones I'm damn lucky to have two. Don't have time to for anything

    teaching all the resurrected ones the truth.

  • GodZoo

    Ah yes the resurrection of the unrighteous.. how could I forget?

  • FayeDunaway

    True, Star Trek angel, I've yet to see a 'paradise' picture that looks like the Badlands (amazingly beautiful, actually) or the Southwest. They're all New England or Switzerland. Which is fine, but variety is the spice of life.

    Real nature, now, is way more beautiful than those treacly 'paradise' illustrations,

  • Scully


    I'm not sure where the clothes and garden implements come from since they never show any factories.

    The Hopperâ„¢ at Bethelâ„¢, of course.

  • CalebInFloroda

    It's the people in the picture that really freak me out. They look like a bunch of Mormons gathered for the annual Cumorah pageant!

    Look at them...clean cut Gentiles, happy that Hitler's "solution for the Jews" worked so that they can get on with life without Semites!

    Sure, there are a few "ethnics" included for the photo shoots, but when no one's looking I am sure they go back to work washing clothes and cleaning windows.

    "We're so happy to wear Western culture clothing and live in American style homes playing under lighting that looks like it came from an episode of 'The Brady Bunch' television show!"

    Why do I always get the feeling that unbeknownst to the people in the foreground that the Von Trapp family is escaping over those snow caps in the distance?

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