News Which UK J.W.'s Won't Get in their Kigdom Ministry!

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  • Lostandfound
    One definition of tonester is something to wipe clean the intimate part of a woman
  • sillygirlforgotpassword

    I JUST saw this!

    Anthony manning was CO/DO to congs in the middle east for a term. He stayed at our place one time. My family adored him. They probably will never know about this removal but I'm mighty curious.

    he definitely spent a lot of time with the lads and my mum kept saying my brothers should learn from him to be single and a CO.

    I have heaps of pictures with him maybe one day ill post them. Here's to hoping he's seen light.

  • freddo

    We had Anthony Manning as a CO. My recollection was that he was the last "decent" reasonable CO that everyone warmed to - including me - we've had far worse since. He used to go out with the elders to the pub after the CO visit elders meetings and probably spent too much time in coffee shops (for the borgmasters' liking) with the brothers and sisters in the ministry.

    I think he has an aged mother still alive living near the English/Welsh border west of Birmingham that he used to go back and visit straight after every CO visit. I did hear that he had a girlfriend who died when they were young and "courting" and he threw himself into "Jehovah's service". Very sad if true.

    Yes, he did seem a bit camp but I don't think it fair to speculate why he was removed and reproved. Who knows? Perhaps he knows the TTATT but keeps his head down?

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