News Which UK J.W.'s Won't Get in their Kigdom Ministry!

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  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    A source tells me the following:

    The C.O. for Shropshire UK by the name of Anthony Manning has been removed and judicially reproved. This was in June/July 2015.

    Portishead congregation in North Somerset is being merged or disbanded on Sept 1st 2015 due to "aging elders, poor attendance, decrepit kingdom hall and landslip" - of course the suspicion is WT just wants to sell the hall off.

    The Exeter (Devon UK) regional convention had 3500 in attendance yesterday, and only 6 - yes six baptized!

    The Bristol Assembly Hall committee (at the branch's pushing) is recommending that £810,000 be sent to London branch office from the assembly hall fund.


    Sorry about "Kingdom" mis-spelling - can't change it!

  • disposable hero of hypocrisy
    disposable hero of hypocrisy

    Good news!

    Anthony Manning (any relation to pastor 'semen latte' Manning?) please turn up on here, fully awake...

  • steve2

    Wow - that's got to be a development that would be hard to keep under wraps: A named JW in a responsible position removed and reproved.

    Is that by any chance confidential? If so, keep in mind posting guidelines.

    The other matters you refer to also make intersting reading. I have never heard of a congregation being 'merged or disbanded' for, among other matters, landslip. These are indeed troubling times!

    As for the meagre number baptized (6 out of an attendance of 3,500 must be a new low?), it continues a trend noted on this forum over the last couple of months of Regional Conventions. It looks like this year's baptisms will be lower than last year's, to say the least.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher
    Steve2 - The reproof of the C.O. was a public reproof.
  • steve2

    Thanks Searcher. In that case, confidentiality would related to the reason(s) for the reproof so no breach!

  • besty
    was the public reproof announced all over the circuit? (officially I mean, clearly it was gossiped all over the circuit and beyond...)
  • Deltawave
    Oh my goodness!! Is it true about Anthony?
  • konceptual99

    Portishead shares a hall with Cleavdon, in Cleavdon. It is a small congregation, very old. There is pretty much only one elder with a young(ish) family. They live in Cleavdon and moved over to the Portishead congregation so he could be appointed. It's a very tedious congregation.

    The hall is in an old house that I believe is listed. It needs loads of work, even so would be worth a packet of converted back to a residential building.

    Everyone wants to find a new hall and even were about to move on some land until the RBC said no and then put everything on hold.

    The hall was also home to the notorious Michael Porter, the abuser who went to Bethel.

  • scary21
    I just bumped the 8 year old thread about Michael Porter for anyone interested.
  • steve2

    Cleavdon sounds like a barrel of laughs. So much for the "truth" setting people free - or perhaps it sets them free to be small-minded?

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