OOOOO, this is gonna hurt, and I put the hurt on..

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  • LyinEyes

    Great that you are working out Jesika, damn I wish we lived closer, I would love a work out buddy.

    Sorry you are so, I am sore from dancing the other nite,,,,,,, I mean I was seriously dipping and all, my thighs are burning so bad , ,, but those leg muscles and butt muscles are some of the biggest muscle groups so I hope it helps to get those working to burn calories. I am going to start trying to use weight too, especially to tone the arms.

    I am doing good on my diet and feel some better......I got a away to go to feel great tho. Wish I could go to a club that has a pool, nice warm water, but I live so far out of town. I may do it anyway and travel to shreveport 3 days a week with wild while he is working , if not just to swim.

  • SheilaM

    Yea!!! Jesika:

    I need to get back in to Yoga I really like that alot so does thunderrider. I am negotiationg with my daughter who wants me to go work out at 4AM there are only two things I will do at 4am sex and sleep So, I'm trying to get her to go in the afternoon LOL

    I am also doing really good on my weight loss I can't really say diet because I'm just not scarfing away is all and lots of water.

    Good luck on your working out

  • Jesika


    I will keep you all posted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • gumby

    What a bastard the guy was who hit on you. That is so stinkin rude when someone hits on someone who makes it known they are taken. Next time put a picture of a big ugly ass tattoed, six foot five 300 lb, bearded hells angel in your wallet and next time say to the rude dude.........."wanna see a picture of my boyfriend". Tell him you will bring him in next time......if he isn't all drunk and in a fighting mood.

    I know what you mean by getting sore working out. I just started back myself and did a light workout and the next day it felt like a gang jumped me!.....


  • LB

    I work out in a gym 3-4 times a week. I never never never look at beautiful women when I work out. That wouldn't be respectful.

    Watch, Heaven is going to call me a fake bastard again.

  • kelpie

    I am off to the gym tonight (6/1 here)

    I haven't worked out for over a month so I know I will be sore tomorrow. I do the circuit class which I really enjoy doing. give me a whole body work out.

  • BeautifulGarbage

    Well, I'm an older woman and we tend to be a little more straight forward.

    How about this: "Dude! Hit the road, I ain't interested!"

    Or: "This barbell would look lovely wrapped around your neck"

    For the staring: "You know, staring at me like that will make hair grow on your eyeballs"

    And you can be subtle too. Just allow long lines of drool string out of your mouth while you pick your nose. That should work, unless he is turned on by that sort of thing.


  • gumby

    Watch, Heaven is going to call me a fake bastard again.

    Well, when she gets done callin you a bastard......I would like her to post a picture of herself working out in those spandex she wears!!!!!

  • Michael3000

    Well, Jessika - at the risk of sounding like a perv - I did meet you at the Silent Lambs march in Brooklyn last year, and... you are quite a cutie and I'd guess that whatever your training goals are, you don't have far to go! Good luck with everything.

    -- Mike, of the Boy - do I have a ways to go! Class

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  • jgnat

    I had a tough time going to a public gym. I don't get hit on, but it was hard walking around all those beautiful bods and still feel like I belonged. I am too pudgy for beautiful people to notice me. As soon as I realized that these regulars are in to themselves, not other people, I relaxed. Those mirrors are there to track their own progress.

    I exercise for my own health, and yes, it does feel great. My honey taught me the secret to avoid sore muscles. Never, never, never overdo it, and stretch. I cannot over emphasize the importance of a stretching routine. You will feel so much better afterward.

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