OOOOO, this is gonna hurt, and I put the hurt on..

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  • Jesika

    I don't know if everyone knows, but my boyfriend (Alex) bought me a health club membership for my birthday(I asked for one). So, the package deal he got was a buy 1yr get 2 free deal including 5 free personal training sessions.

    Well, the first one was easy---------------measurements,weighing in,goals,new diet, and so forth. With a light cardio workout (not so light if you haven't done cardio exercise <outside of the bedroom LOL> in a LONG time).

    Anyways, today errrr yesterday (3rd) I did a full body weight lifting session. GOOD LORD!!!!!!!! My muscles are tender and my cardio was longer than last time. I did the crosstrainer for 20min straight. I lifted weights for an hour.

    The hot tub was down, so I couldn't soak to help with the soreness.

    I must say though, that I haven't felt this good in a LONG time!!!!!!!!!!!! I am looking forward to so much more, and if it doesn't hurt, you didn't get a workout (as long as you don't REALLY hurt yourself, that's not good).

    One thing I wanted to say, is one of the "trainers" was HITTING ON ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is the one Alex talked to about getting me a membership. So he KNOWS I have a man. He asked me if I liked shooting pool, and I said yes I do and I have my own cue that Alex bought me last yr for my birthday and we shoot often. I kept talking about Alex every chance I got, even though he tried to change the subject. He said that it isn't any fun if you bring your spouse. I said, well, I wouldn't go without him cause it isn't right, and if he went out with another girl I would want to kill somebody!!!!!!!!!!

    So, he left it alone and asked me if it was time for me to meet my trainer, and it was so I left promptly!!!!!

    Anyways, he came up stairs while I was working out with my trainer(Jamie--a women) and was staring at me the WHOLE TIME!!! Even my trainer noticed it !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well, about an hour and a half later I see him hitting on another girl (I don't blame him, she is beautiful, I even looked).

    Well, dog will be dogs and I dogged him!!!

    Other than that my first 2 days at the gym have been great and I am looking forward to not drinking a 6pack but having one!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

    So, I will be hurting, but that's ok, and I put the "hurt" on his EGO!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

    Anyone else have something like this happen, whether it be working out and having the "burn" the next day, or hurting an ego???????????


    of the -------gettin into SHAPE class!!! (and the ego crushing class ---LOL)

  • Yizuman

    Well, if no one is hitting on you, IMHO they're being downright rude. Because you are downright GEORGEOUS!!!!

    *ducks from the slapping class*


  • ugg

    hi jesika,,,good for you!!!!!!!! sounds like you have a great guy also....way to go....

  • RubyTuesday

    Good for you Jes....just don't over do it the first few could do some damage.I too have started back at the gym and nobody better hit on me ...cuz i belong to an all women gym...hehe. I'm in a little bit of pain myself today...was going to go to a kickboxing class today but still too sore...think I'll will just take it easy and work out tomarrow. Do you take any classes...such as aerobics..kick boxing..ect ect? Great calorie burners and in kick boxing every time you do a kick its eqevilant (can't spell that word) but you get the jist jess..hehe..anyway it's like doing a sit up...great for the stomach muscles.Hey in about three months we should post pics of our new carved out bodies.

  • nightwarrior


    Solution if you want one, or not ??????????is to take your boyfriend along with you one time,but knowing women they sometimes want a little freedom but as you know guys at the gym are all stalkers,they thrive on conquests, the typical new girl,maybee if you finish with your current boyfriend then maybee give the club a second visit otherwise it may end in tears.

    bet your ego was boosted ,

    on training myself & mates go out to the woods twice weekly ,rain or shine,

    yep you must keep your body fit and active

  • No Apologies
    No Apologies

    So you want to look good, but you do not want anyone to look at you? I'm confused.

    No apologies

    (of the still-don't-understand-women-sometimes-class)

  • Swan


    You have class, lady!

    He said that it isn't any fun if you bring your spouse. I said, well, I wouldn't go without him cause it isn't right, and if he went out with another girl I would want to kill somebody!!!!!!!!!!

    That was great. Loyalty, fidelity, and trust are so important in a relationship. And the JWs say apostates are without morals! Ha!

    Oh, and enjoy the burn!


  • Solace

    I admire you Jes,

    I always felt too shy working out in public gyms etc. I usually try to stay active, watch what I eat and walk during the summer etc. I do have some excersize equipment downstairs but it has been collecting dust since the kids came along. Good luck on your sessions. We have gyms in our area that have "all men" and "all women" nights. You might want to consider that if you dont like all those men hitting on you. Dont be too hard on the guy though. You are pretty cute, Im sure he couldnt help himself.

    No Apoligies,

    Its ok, sometimes we dont understand ourselves either.



    I'm not surprised that guys hit on you!! . . . You are a gorgeous woman!! . . . . .

    Love the red hair!!



  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Go you chicken fat! Go!

    This is something I've got to start doing. I need to lose about 20 lbs. but it's finding the time and then having the energy to do it. But I will.

    Go for it Jes!!!

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