How do you do laundry?

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  • musky

    If you need to wash any viking apparel do those in a separate load. You need lots and lots of liquid bleach. 1 gallon each load , 2 is better. put the bleach in first before the water is added and let soak for 5-6 hours. then add water and wash normally.

    Just kidding I could not recommend that, even for a viking fan

  • Kenneson


    Cheers (detergent, that is). Oh, what the heck! On second thought, have another beer.

  • DakotaRed

    If you just turn your skivvies inside out, they won't need washed until wifey gets home.

    Of course, she may have so much laundry to do, she won't be able to take care of other things you'll be missing too

    Lew W

  • meadow77

    You should wash everything in cold. Put light colors with eachother and dark colors together. Then you should get a big bouquet of flowers and buy something real nice for your wifey, and do not forget to tell her how lost you are without her when she gets home.

  • LB

    I get my laundry done by saying

    Honey I can't find anything to wear

  • not interested
    not interested


    just bring your clothes to my house and throw them in the pile with mine they will get done somday!

  • hannibal


    Good point!!!!

    The laundry is the last thing I want on her mind. ;)


    Purple pride, purple pride, pur... aaa.....maybe next year.

  • hannibal


    That would be a long drive, cant u see you live in the USA and i live in Antigua and barbuda!

    - I just noticed that, what the hell. LOL

  • whyhideit

    I put my dirty clothes in the hamper and they end up clean a few hours or days later in the drawer or closet. That is one hard working hamper, or should I give credit to my wife?

  • Goshawk

    This might be pushing the envelope but it seemed related to the subject in a round-about way.

    Doing The Laundry

    An elderly couple had a happy marriage and what made it so very good was that they had invented a phrase to describe the act of love, so that there was never any vulgarity in their talk. Their metaphor for the act of love was "Doing the Laundry."

    One day when Cora Jean, the wife, was vacuuming the living room, Tom Sam, the husband, was watching her with great interest. She was bending over to get dirt from the corners of the room, and stretching up to get dust from the tall lamps. Tom Sam was watching with great interest.

    Then Tom Sam said to Cora Jean, "Darling, how about if we do a little laundry?"

    Cora Jean said, with reluctance, "Sweetheart, I just have to get this house ready for our guests this weekend." So then she continued her cleaning, and Tom Sam went off about his business.

    That night when they went to bed, Cora Jean said, "Sweetheart, what about that laundry you mentioned earlier?"

    To which Tom Sam said, "Darling, I just had a small load, so I decided to do it by hand."

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