How do you do laundry?

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  • Kenneson


    I think you're too drunk to do laundry at this moment. Have another beer.

  • Soledad

    this thread is too hilarious!!

    wash your dark clothes separate from your light clothes, the darker clothes in cold water. if your whites are really stained or gruchy looking, trying soaking in a little bleach with hot water for 30 min. 1 capful of liquid detergent is good in the washer. also if you have sweaters or fleecy items wash them inside a pillowcase---keeps them from "pilling"

    good luck!

  • hannibal


    Now I'm on step # 7

    - Doing Laundry isnt to bad actually.

  • eyegirl

    maybe if you're really nice to us, some of us visiting apostate chicks will come do your laundry for you tomorrow heehee

  • hannibal


    I got beer!

    - you rock....... and radiohead rules!

  • eyegirl

    should i bring my own guitar??

  • hannibal


    I got a guitar, but I should stick with the Air-guitar. As you already know.

  • xenawarrior

    some of us visiting apostate chicks will come do your laundry for you tomorrow

    Good God eyegirl- there is an "s" at the end of that !!! You got a mouse in yer pocket or something?

    Hanni- just make sure your Vikings jersey is clean so you can bring it along for me k?

    and.....don't put whites in with anything else no matter how long you get stuck on #3 on Elsewhere's list.

    XW of the "ain't doing laundry" class

  • scootergirl
    If you have any really delicate items, wash them separately in the "delicate" cycle.

    LOL......I want to see the "delicates" myself! LOL

    Scootergirl of the "will be too drunk to do hannibals laundry" class

  • bigfloppydog

    If You are in a hurry, and need skivies real quick, try a laundry mat, cost money, but does all loads all at once. Just make sure you seperate whites from coloureds, no javex in colours, no red socks in whites, cause then you will have pink skivies. GOOD LUCK. Yes mom's do help, sometimes. If you are really needing a pair of skivies, fill a sink with water, get out the soap and scrub a dub dub, one pair, hang them in the shower, and next day, bingo, you have a pair to wear.

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