Feeling Pain...no one hurts my 8 yr old son

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  • Mackin


    I feel for you soooo much.


  • johnathanseagull

    Dede......I have no words to express...........you, like me and many others here......we will get there in the end,

    love J Gull

  • Yizuman


    I am so sorry how your life went with your father and how your son was treated.

    My father never gave a crap about me either and my mom became an alcoholic because of my dad. Both of us couldn't handle the pain that we went through and the anger I had against my dad was so powerful.

    If you haven't read my story yet...then check this link....


    All my love and hugs!


  • SheilaM

    {{{Lyin Eyes)):

    I'm so sorry, I too have been there when my son was little he would say "Im a bad boy, I'm a bad boy that is why Grandma doesn't love me" we tried to explain to him that she was that way to everyone. I will never understand someone that can hurt a child in such a deep deliberate manner but they exist, she was a dub by the way loving aren' t they. Just let him know there are others that love him sometimes blood means nothing.

    <of the don't it make you sick at heart class>

  • DakotaRed


    There are no comforting words. I agree with you, hurt me if you wish, leave my kids alone. I can't think of a single reason to call the Watchtower Christian or godly at all. To cause that pain in a small child is unforgiveable. Never mind their false prophecies and all, they have hurt children and that alone is unforgiveable.

    I grew up with only one grandpa, never met my Dads dad. He lived in Alabama and was divorced from my Grandma. I miss not getting to at least meet him and see what sort of man he was. BTW, religion caused his divorce too from my grandma, her opting for the First Assembly of God and following them to a "T."

    As a grandpa myself now, no religion or group had better try to come between me and my grandsons. The pain I felt growing up is something I will do my utmost to ensure they never feel, just as I did their mom.

    You have every right to be angry and upset that your son feels this way. Just let him feel the love he does have and ignore the rest. He will grow up alright. You and WT are good parents, we all see that. It is your Dad that is missing out on a great thing.

    Lew W

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