i feel more confused than ever

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  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    You do want you think is right?

    i think many families put pressure on children, and most families do this because they want what they think best for the child they love.

    Nobody has the right to make you be or do anything you don't want to be. Be who you want to be.....and with time, if you make your parents proud or not, we should all learn to accept our loved ones for who they are.

    The Rebel.

  • truthlover

    My son is still suffering from a PTS syndrome due to JW practises - never was df but s o called friends and family treat him as such, and he is older now and only came to certain conclusions a few years ago.. he has separated God from the WT business... and as we all know someday we will all die, how is anyones guess, but now my son is more at peace with himself, we all have to gain that peace and for those who have not denied that there is a God, but the WT has made Him what He is for huge profit and massive real estate enitity, their time will come - the Bible says the cleansing will start at the House of God- and since they are saying that the GB are His representatives on earth, guess that must be the place!

    Maybe Australia is just the start

  • getanewplanstan

    1). A child experiencing these feelings is not alone and can seek help from the school counselors and psychologist.

    2). This is likely a common experience for school systems to have "witness" children approach them about not believing their parents religion and all the emotions that come with it. As a former elder, most of the children in my congregations "fell away" and with some, it was obvious they unburdened themselves to school authorities and got help. It would not be surprising if part of a teachers education were courses on "dealing with the Witness child".

    3). The child should have them help develop a plan for independent living, tell them his/her feelings and that you need mentoring for a successful life.

    4). Start your new life by doing the best you can in school now. This will be making progress for a new future and taking your mind off things until you get out. Get further education after high school.

    5). Live a disciplined life and be successful, avoid drugs, alcohol and promiscuous sex. Avoid people who are not on the path to success. Be a good person. Nothing confirms to people "still in" that they have made the right decision than people who leave and then go on to live a trashy life. Don't challenge your parents or anyone else in the congregation about their beliefs. Writing a letter about all your feelings can be therapeutic, but sending it to anyone will have little effect. Dis-associating, making scenes or insisting on a "bad boy" boyfriend only re-enforces them into the belief the problem is that you let the "apostates" reach you or immorality is the root cause. The best way is to set yourself up as successful person and FADE AWAY. That is very discouraging to people still in. Then when you happen to see them, you can tell about how well you are doing.

    6) I realize the poster of this thread is an adult, so was rather hard to frame this reply. However it is an opportunity for child readers.

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