What Kept You "In The Truth"?

by minimus 44 Replies latest jw friends

  • gumby

    It was "the truth" for me.


  • Trotafox

    Ignorance and my best friend(?). Once I found out the truth about the "troof" and that I had been lied to by a bunch of pathetic hypocrites, I was outta there....friend(?) or no friend. If she wanted to continue to stick her head in a hole and continue to live the lie, that was up to her. For me, once I saw them for what they were and took a good honest look at what they were really doing to people (myself included), they made me sick!


  • LeslieV

    I would have to say I believed it was the one and only "truth." Also I loved my family and did not want them to be disappointed in me. Well I realized it was not the truth, and my family is disappointed in me, so I guess I did not accomplish very much except for finding out the most important thing is knowing me.

    Ugg and Knows2much my heart really goes out to you both. It is hard loosing family. You need to do what you need to do to make you happy. Sitting in a KH does not in itself mean that you believe what they say.

    Love, Leslie

  • wildfire

    I AGREE WITH YOU LESLIE,,, AND I DO SYMPATHIZE WITH UGG AND OTHERS ,,,, I TOO HAVE A DAU IN THE TROOF AND those bastards will have the control over her if i am out ,,,as they do now,..... as she is pioneering and loved by all haa a just wait until she stops being so spiritual.... they will turn on her just as they have turned on me,,,,,,, i have not gone out inservice for months and they never call to see if i am ok,,,,, dead or alive,,,,,, makes no difference to these heartless,,,, goooons,,,,,,morons.......I JUST PRAY THAT ONE DAY SHE WILL SEE THE WTBS FOR WHAT IT IS......I DONT NEED THEM I HAVE ALL OF YOU ,,,, AND I AM SO GRATE FUL TO HAVE FOUND ALL OF YOU SHALOM.......ALWAYS.... YOU ARE MY TRUE FRIENDS.....UNITED WE STAND ,,,,,,, DIVIDED WE FALL,,,,,,,,,

  • LeslieV

    Dear Wildfire;

    Hang in there it takes time for anyone to be able to see through those blinders that are placed on all of us when we joined the cult. Give your daughter time..she is not stupid..after all she is your daughter. You are right when you say if she is not pioneering or in good standing she will no longer be favored, but it does take time and patience on your part for her to figure it all out. I am thinking of you.


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