What Kept You "In The Truth"?

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    Like many... I believed... But I always beleived everything even with certain doubts... and always willing to wait for "new light"...

    After I learned the truth about the toof... I tryed staying in and keeping quiet because of ALL my family and 'friends'... until one day I had to open my mouth because of a comment made by one of my JW friends... and from that day on... I was marked as an Apostate...


  • ashitaka

    Fear. Once I got over that, I left.


  • JH

    What kept me in was the imminence of Armageddon and the fear of losing eternal life. I am inactive now, but I still think of what I might lose if I don't go back. But how can I go back when all I see is evil and control.

  • NeonMadman

    It took me almost 20 years to leave after I began to realize that it wasn't true. I stayed in and kept up appearances (sort of) in order to keep my family together. After my daughter grew up and got married, it was only a year before my marriage fell apart, too, so there was no longer any reason to stay. Two weeks after my (now ex-)wife left, I was at an ex-witness convention.

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    friends and family only.

  • LittleToe

    I believed the lot - once that stopped, the days were numbered.

    I suffered (mostly in silence) for about four months, planning my exit and gathering my resources.
    When the time finally came, I shrugged off the Wt. yoke and walked.

    I still love so many of those left behind, but staying wasn't going to help, in my situation.

  • eyeslice

    I was, and still am I guess, an idealist.

    I would still like to live in a world where justice and truth prevails, and being honest and good is not considered to be a weakness. I believe that the New World Society could offer this. But sadly, like many here, I have been disillusioned by failed promises and the hypocrisy of many.


  • imanaliento

    ditto to the first poster reubenfine.

  • ugg

    i am technically still in.....i cannot lose my daughter....it would destroy me...literally...it would be my death......that is why i am so afraid of opening up...as to my identity,,,who i am,, where i live,,,ect...

    it is almost impossible for me to get close to anyone here on a personal level....so i guess fear could be the answer....

  • SheilaM


    What kept or keep you in the Truth?

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