A Nice Little Chopin Prelude

by Farkel 30 Replies latest jw friends

  • Farkel
  • betweenworlds

    Very lovely Farkel! Please sir may I have some more???


  • Joyzabel

    OK, now I think I'm in love. (don't tell jst2!)

    I can sit and listen to piano music all day! <sigh>


  • RandomTask

    Etude in E Major! Etude in E Major!

  • Farkel

    Random Task,

    : Etude in E Major! Etude in E Major!

    Ok, ok! It sounds simple, but it is hard to play! I'll try to get it right and put it up for you. You OWE me for this!


  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    BRAVO! Well played.

    Intersting selection. The piece has a light, almost airy feel to it. It reminds me of a piece of music (Mozart perhaps?) but I can't quite place it. The grey cells are getting greyer every year.

  • Cassiline

    Thanks Farkel!

    I will soon have an entire CD made up of works by, "DA Farkel"!

  • AlanF

    More, you friggin idiot.


  • Farkel


    I used to respect you, but you are getting soft in your dotage:

    : More, you friggin idiot.

    Why are you pandering to me and giving me the "high fives" now? We made a deal six years ago, where we would be honest and not puff up each other with platitudes and such. Now you are breaking that rule by trying to puff me up and make me look better than I am with that "you friggin idiot" remark. Now mind you, I consider that a compliment, since I'm much worse than any run-of-the-mill 'friggin idiot' but we aren't supposed to compliment each other by virtue of the VERY RULES we both established years ago. We are supposed to "Glorify Jehovah" with our words and especially to glorify "Jehovah's Spirit-Directed Organization" with our words. We are not supposed to glorify each other, let alone me. So keep your compliments about me to yourself and glorify "Jehovah's Spirit-Directed Organization," instead. Good Gawd man! Get your priorities straight!

    You simply cannot be trusted, Alan-whoever-in-the-hell-you-are.

    Far Worse Than Friggin' Idiot Class and Don't You Forget It, Class

  • xenawarrior

    Keep them coming Farkel!!! Love it !!

    Pachelbel's Canon in D pretty please?

    *thwacks Random Task for getting his request played before others- quit butting in line pal!!*


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