A Nice Little Chopin Prelude

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  • Farkel


    : Pachelbel's Canon in D pretty please?

    Sigh. That is one of the most BORING pieces in the Classical literature, IMNSHO. Would you be happy if I could find someone else playing it and give you a link to it?

    I certainly won't bother to learn or play it. Not when there's CHOPIN to learn and love in the few short years I have left on this planet.

    Would you like to hear a nice Scott Joplin Rag, instead?


  • Farkel

    That was crap. I'm sorry I dared put it up. I'll re-do it.

    I'm embarrassed I had the nerve to post it.


  • david_10

    Xenawarrior-----------Even if Farkel doesn't like the Canon, I'm with you. I think it is one the most beautiful pieces ever composed. Pachelbel is still taught in the conservatories, mainly for his organ work, but other than that, you don't hear much about him. But when he wrote the Canon, he came up with a keeper. (Actually, it's technically not a canon, and there is even some doubt as to whether Pachelbel is the composer, but that's another story.) Over the years, it has become an effective vehicle for New Age pianists, most notably George Winston. But my favorite version is the one by David Lanz from an album named Solstice. You can probably download that from Winmx or Kazaa. And if I had a way to upload into the computer, I would be more than happy to play it for you.


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  • xenawarrior

    Farkel- sorry you feel that way about it I would like to hear anything you'd like to play.

    David: Thank you- I love that piece!! And yes, I'd love to hear you play it. I've got George Winston's rendition of it and David Lanz's as well. Several years ago I was fortunate enough to see George Winston play it when he performed here too. Both David and George are among my favorite pianists as well as Liz Story and others.

    Don't want to hijack Farkel's thread here........


  • david_10

    Don't want to hijack Farkel's thread here.

    I hear ya, and I apologize, too.......btw, Farkel, great rendition. As usual..............I'm impressed.


  • ugg

    "APPLAUSE" "APPLAUSE" ugg....giving standing ovation.....

  • blondie

    Joplin sounds great, Farkel. I can play several of his pieces quite well if I have to say so. I used to Joplinize a couple of the "kingdom" songs at small gatherings. I have all his sheet music.


  • sunshineToo


    That was so delightful!!!

    FYI, I had Pachelbel's Canon in D played for my entrance at my wedding. It was just perfect!

    By the way, which of E Major Etude are you going to play for us, Farkel? Op.10 or Op.25?

  • Farkel

    Opus 10.


  • Gopher

    Yo quiero Pachelbel.

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