Do you believe in demons, Ted Jarasz?

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    OH CRIPES. Simon You'd better delete LDH1, LOL!


  • sf

    YOUUUUUUUUUUU WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO, Teddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...hahahahaha!! Sucker, it's only a matter of Precious Time now before OUR WRATH is felt within YOU, deeply. And you know me Ted, I simply cannot pass up a thread with your 'label' in it...thusly, I say to YOU, as many of us are well Aware! that much of what is 'discovered and uncovered' here on this forum, DOES INDEED get to you, directly...

    'We' are hot on your sorry a~~ 'brother' and we will die in the 'heat' if NESCESSARY!

    Guess who did not want to talk to me after she found out the reason of my call; and basically sided with her father?? GUESS!! Can you say 'BALBOA ISLAND'? I knew you Kould! Time is Almost! up Jaracz. Tick tock, tick tock goes the Watchtower Klo(c)k.

    Thought you got rid of The sKallywagger by infecting my system with despicable attacks? (at exact same time '' was attacked and hacked) BWAHHHHHHHHH, you'll have to kill me Ted. It's the only way you will stop ME. There are computers everywhere Teddy. Your 'henchmen' are no match. You can't 'kill' all of us here in cyberspace. But your Glick Boyz sure can give it a valiant try. hahahaha (ted jaracz threads cause extreme giddiness within me)

    For you out there who thought you 'took me out' of cyberspace... THINK AGAIN!

    Love, sKally

  • donkey

    Onthego and Nancy share IP addresses too:

    notice the onthego post here with the encoded IP address of UUYaFJ+ecKpqBeun+fxKKg

    and here is the last thread started by Nancy Park with the encoded IP address of UUYaFJ+ecKpqBeun+fxKKg

    Spam is alive

    (edited just to save some resources)

    Edited by - Simon on 3 January 2003 19:28:25

  • donkey

    To save resources cut Minimus down to 1 post a day.

    How many active brainless surveys do you want running at once?

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