Do you believe in demons, Ted Jarasz?

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  • nelly1

    I have only seen that man ted jacaraz once that was on the panorama thing when a media person approached him and he gave her arrogant responses and talked about not going beyond the things written, I was discusted with his behaviour, a so called christian bleh

    what goes around.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Prisca, you forgot the other nom-de-plum, Nick Park (in bold naturally).

    I suspected because of several posts made by onthego, but I wasn't sure until I saw a comment made earlier by Simon earlier that cinched for me.

    Always go with your gut feeling, never lets you down.

  • Prisca2

    Thanks Big Tex

    For pettygrudger and those that wonder why we say what we do about onthego:

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    Miss Prissy.

    You are a bad girl. Everyone else has foregone their multiples in compliance with Lord Simons edicts. Why not you dear sister?? Do you think you are some elite poster that ordinary rules dont apply to?

    (Or are you simply totally DESPERATE to post after using your 20 for the day?. A hopeless Net Junkie who is suffering withdrawal after two hours of not being able to post? lol)

  • RandomTask

    The similarities are pretty obvious

  • Simon

    Prisca2: I have reminded people time and time and time again about having duplicate accounts. It applies to everyone.

    I thought it was nancee park simply because of the language used, the "my bold key is stuck" effect and the views expressed about Ted Jaracz in almost every post.

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    Prisca has been deleted!!!

  • Prisca

    Prisca2 has, you stirrer!!

  • SYN

    Of course Mr. Jaracz believes in demonzzz. What Dub doesn't?

    However, in his seat of absolute power, he really couldn't give a flying **** about what others think. After all, he's "THE BOSS", right? Did you notice his attitude when he was questioned on Dateline? That was very telling, if you ask me.

    Naturally the thought of Mr. Jaracz posting here is a hilarious one. DOH! Like hell! He's too busy silencing lambs to post here...

  • kelsey007

    FOr those who feel the need to know or never noticed the thread- I specifically asked an active Silent Lambs volunteer for updated info as to this Ted alllegation. I was told that yes a Pat Garza did make such an allegation. I was also told that her allegations could not be substantuated and that due to serious health issues with Ms Garza that the case was not going to be persued. This is why I question why this issue is raised over and over again. According to people in the know that is what I was lead to believe and those comments on posted on this board somehwere....

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