JWs nearly killed my mother

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  • cookiemaster
    Sorry for not being able to reply earlier. My mother just arrived home from the hospital. She is feeling better than ever and is back to normal life. The doctors found she has pernicious anemia, which can be easily treated and held under control with regular vitamin B12 shots. Our non-JW nurse neighbor is administering the treatment. All is going well so far. The elders called today about meeting her. I think they want to disfellowship her or something. But she says she's prepared for that. She told me that she knows what to say to them and is not afraid of the consequences. She told me that she doesn't care about the judgement of men. She believes only a higher being can do that. I'm suggesting her books to read, that might help wake her up. Thank you everyone so much about your kind words and support! Know that yet another person is going against the governing body's teachings.
  • Bonsai

    I hope she records the conversation with those elders for public consumption.

    "We would like to inform you sister _____ that we must disassociate you because you engaged in an act that is contrary to our interpretation of a scripture and has prolonged your life."

    There would be a delicious public outrage!

  • cookiemaster
    That's an excellent idea Bonsai. Thank you for it! I'll make sure their conversation is recorded.
  • ShirleyW

    Glad to hear your mom is doing better, but I hope she starts the conversation with what you say above that she realizes, and if they start to get disrespectful to remind them they are guest in HER home and to act accordingly.

  • rebel8

    Good job! (( ))

    Been there, done that. It completely sucks that irrational brainwashing causes easily avoidable problems.

    I hope the underlying cause of the anemia has been resolved too.

    Please keep us informed about what the elders do.

  • GrreatTeacher
    Glad this is easily controlled with B12 shots. I hope she continues to take good care of herself.
  • baldeagle
    Cookiemaster glad to hear your mom is doing better.

    Pete Zahut, thanks for that logical explanation.

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