JWs nearly killed my mother

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  • StrongHaiku
    cookiemaster, you not only have my empathy but my admiration. When I was a JW (~30 years ago) I am absolutely sure that I would not have made the wise, reasonable, and brave stand you did. You are better person than I was. Nicely done.
  • flipper

    Three elders came to the house the next day and read us some bible verses stating that one should care for their family and told us that it's not their responsibility.

    Watchtower is horrible. And the brain dead creeps who follow them.

    Yes they are mind controlled - but at some point hiding in their fantasy world is self indulgent, irresponsible, cowardly and immoral. I have always thought that superstitious religious people have got to know, somewhere in their minds, that it's bullshit.

    This is a story that should be in the news.

    Mrs. Flipper

  • steve2

    Cookiemaster, I have no doubt your mother would have died without you being by her side speaking plain, common sense to her.

    Wow man ! You are a son to value. You are literally your mother's protector and - without coming across too religious - a savior.

    Where were the JWs? Besides, thank God in a way they weren't by her bedside sweet-talking her to succumb to JW org martyrdom.

    I dare any JWs in her congregation to take action against her. They won't because even a fanatic feels unease at times for what is seen as'following orders'.

    You saved your mother's life.

  • cookiemaster
    Thank you everyone for your kind words! My mother has already let every JW that contacted her that she had a blood transfusion. She didn't even seem that sad about it. Just said she hopes Jehovah will forgive her. She also let everyone she knows that the JWs were going to let her die. Called that elder who said she was our problem and gave him a scolding too. She's quite pissed at the "brothers and sisters". They all seemed to take her possible death extremely casually and didn't really offer any support. I guess that shows who her true friends are. I hope this was an eye opening experience for her on the nature of this cult. Hopefully she'll recover and all will end well. Needless to say that those elders are any other JWs are not welcome even in the vicinity of my house. Few people realize how dangerous this cult can be. My mother left her family when she was 20 for the JWs. She spent her entire youth as a pioneer in the communist regime, risking imprisonment and abuse. She then was disfellowshipped for two years after standing up to unjust elders that abused everyone. Then, after being reinstated, she pioneered again. She put her entire hope in them. Because of them, she has no pension and relies on me financially. She sacrificed her entire life for them and lost everything. The only thing she had left was her life, and they wanted to take that too. This should truly make the news, as Mrs. Flipper said. So that everyone in the world will know just to what how dangerous and life ruining this cult can be.
  • cookiemaster
    Thanks Steve for your kind words. I was lucky enough that I was the one who's number the doctors had (not my father's) and that other JWs weren't there. If they were, I don't know I could have convinced her. She could be dead right now. She told me to call the committee for refusing blood (or whatever they're called), the elders, my father, her JW friends. I refused to do that. It was just me and her, talking it out. I told her to think of me too, not just at what they think, or what God thinks of her. She wanted to live so bad, but her brainwashing was preventing her from signing the paper. It was like an inner struggle was going on inside her. A fight between the desire to live and the cult's brainwashing. Fortunately, she chose life. I don't think I've ever been through such a tense moment in my life. I knew that my ability to persuade her about going against cult brainwashing was her only hope at life. I hope I'll never have to go through that again.
  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    cookie master----

    ----we look forward to welcoming your mum to this site

  • StrongHaiku

    cookiemaster - Just said she hopes Jehovah will forgive her.

    If there is a God (which I have no reason to believe in) and he is as loving as everyone says he is, he would not require human sacrifices (symbolic or otherwise). You are better than that God and so is just about everyone else. You put another person's interest ahead of your own. I would worship you before I would worship that God.

  • Mikeinkona
    What a great ending to a horrific situation. Please send this true life story/experience to your local paper, TV station, or any other media you can think of. I'm not trying to be crass by capitalizing on your hardship, but the world needs to hear this. No god worthy of worship demands human sacrifice. The JW.org God has got to be exposed. I know you took your responsibility of looking out for your moms life serious. No greater love can be shown. You are a good man. Love to your mom from all of us ' apostates '.
  • Sofia Lose
    Sofia Lose

    Blood transfusion is the quickest, easiest treatment for low hemoglobin levels. There are other treatments, though.

    I have seen a few cases where with even lower levels of hemoglobin have recovered with some type of iron treatments and strict dietary regime of food certain food types. However, this takes time.


  • BluesBrother

    A great result, which we all can applaud. Your Mum is no doubt on a high right now of relief and thankfulness but please be prepared to help her through the inevitable feelings of guilt which will come later. If she is telling others that she agreed to blood, then the elders will investigate. If she does not express repentance they will announce as "No longer one of J W's" and she will be shunned

    With her record of service it will be very hard for her ,especially if she still has the core beliefs. So there will still be a need for you to be on hand and understanding.

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